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Posted by Chris on October 16th, 2017

Sandy only installed this a few days ago, but so far he loves it. He used to have the vent cell phone holder, but didn't like that it kept him from feeling his air-condition or heat (plus his phone would get too hot and power down.) He has been looking high and low for an alternative, and lucky for him he found one with the CAW.CAR.

He wasn't sure how it would work in his 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan since the dash is textured and there was very little space on his console area. He read that it needed to be mounting on a smooth, hard, flat surface - however the place he wanted to put it, where it wouldn't obstruct his radio nob and clock yet still be in arms reach, was curved. He thought would try it just in case - on the flattest part - then move on to plan B if it didn't work since it came with extra sticky pads. After following the instructions to a "T", it surprisingly worked! He loves how easy it is to place his phone on the magnet and take it off, and how secure, simple, and clean it looks. He is planning on purchasing one for his family and friends as gifts.

So far, Simon thinks this is working great. He had a hard time finding a piece of plastic in car that was both smooth and flat. It seems like the smooth stuff ain't flat and the flat stuff ain't smooth. Then he managed to find a spot near the radio that would work. The magnet is STRONG and it holds his little phone (iPhone SE) just fine, either horizontal or vertical, but the phone releases nice and easy when it's time to go. When there's no phone on the mount, the little star looks cool. He can't think of any downside to this product.

Julia loves magnetic car mount very much as it comes in a very attractive box, as she just loves when a product comes in cool packaging. It's very great quality and no doubt will last a very long time. It comes with extra adhesives and magnets. She has an iPhone 6 Plus with an otter box defender case with a pop socket on the case. Just stuck the magnet right onto the pop socket and it worked beautifully. Saying all of that to say it's pretty darn sturdy. She had to use a stronger adhesive to use one the mount portion because it kept coming up. Julia ended up using gorilla glue double sided mounting tape on the dash and sat the mount right on top of it and worked like a charm. Make sure use the alcohol wipe that it comes with to clean the spot that chosen and let it dry before applying it and all set. It's definitely worth the price and then some and Julia plans on buying more.

Andy travels as a salesman and have to use GPS a lot to help he find addresses. He has a few other car phones holders that either attach to the windshield or the steering wheel and they are either blocking his view or just not very convenient. He placed this down by the shifter for two reasons: (1) the surface is smoother than the dashboard so he figures it will stay attached longer and (2) his phone is in a good line of sight for seeing the GPS directions. He also liked the fact that several extra magnets were included in case it comes loose.

Oregon recently changed their driving laws, but instead of using a phone in any capacity while in the driver’s seat is now a ticket-able offense. Hale has a Mini Cooper JCW, so there is not much room inside the car to put a phone mount: windshield is too small and putting it on the dash has the same effect as on the windshield. There is a small space right behind the steering wheel/blinker toggle that allows his iPhone 7+ to perfectly attach to the magnet without interfering driving at all and still giving a full view of the phone screen while driving (used only for navigation or music in this instance). Hale attached the metal disc directly to phone (he used slim phone cases) and have had no issues with the power of the magnet - which has been tested because any pothole in a Mini JCW has the same effect as going off-roading.

Marvel's wife purchased the magnetic universal car phone mount for her car. He was skeptical (not) in the product, but WHERE she intended to mount it in her car, as he has never seen any phone mounts placed there before. He was absolutely floored when she called him out to her car to see the final installation. She placed the magnetic ball part on the lower left corner of her rear-view mirror! When the phone was placed onto the magnet, it did not in any way obstruct the front or rear view. As a matter of fact, the phone is also at a perfect height and distance for screen viewing! Needless to say, Marvel immediately ordered one for his car and couldn't be more pleased.

If you don't like to affix anything to phone, and place the metal plate between phones and case (without using the adhesive) and the product still performs as advertised. At current the magnetic universal car mount is listed on sale at price of only 8USD on Cell Phone Age com.

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