How to Find Good Commercial Kitchen Suppliers

Posted by Joseph Rubino on October 16th, 2017

Finding trustworthy Commercial Kitchen Suppliers is not a simple task, but it doesn’t need to be quite as hard as it seems.  As a busy restaurateur, it’s important for you to spend time where it matters – managing your restaurant staff and ensuring your customers walk away happy.  Every minute spent having to sort through menial research like choosing a good company credit card or setting up with trustworthy commercial kitchen suppliers is time taken away from the ultimate goal of happy diners.   We know how important the time you spend focusing on your restaurant is, so we’ve compiled a few quick tips that will help you find good suppliers faster than ever before.

The first sign of great commercial kitchen suppliers is a good website.  Modern stores that are keeping up with the times know that having a website is the key to having good customer service in the digital age.  An incomplete, sketchy site full of intrusive popups, questionable ads, and without any endorsements or certifications from payment processors is likely a sign that a supplier just isn’t up to snuff to work with your restaurant.  Additionally, you can always check a site’s security certificate in your browser.  Most internet browsers will display a “lock” symbol next to the website’s URL in the address bar if the site is using an encrypted and safe connection (to protect your personal information).

Testing the legitimacy of a website isn’t too hard, and it can give you a lot of confidence going forward.  Additionally, taking this vital first step can lead to immediately thinning down the number of options that might overwhelm you off the bat.

Once you’ve checked the safety of the websites you’re considering, it’s time to take a look at the websites’ policies.  Look at what they offer in terms of guarantees, extended warranties, and return policies.  Additionally, make sure to consider how a site handles its shipping policies as well.  Shipping can get expensive if a site doesn’t have a specific policy designed to serve restaurants.  Believe it or not, many fantastic commercial kitchen suppliers offer free shipping on their equipment, so long as you’re ordering a certain amount.

A good supplier will offer reasonable warranties and quality guarantees, so read their policies thoroughly.  If they’re doing clean business, they shouldn’t be afraid to stand by their products when they sell them to you.

Finally, you won’t go wrong taking some time to contact the seller.  If they seem promising, take some time to talk with their staff, especially if you are planning a particularly large order.  If you’re ordering at a larger scale, you’re likely to be able to talk to someone higher up on the company’s internal ladder, which will mean getting a detailed, personal, inside look at how the company’s internal structure is.

These tips should give you a fast lane to finding a great supplier who will serve your restaurant on its inevitable rise to success, and if you want an even faster way to find a great supplier, go to today!

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