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Posted by Chris on October 17th, 2017

Many people like use phone to take photo when diving. But smartphone may suffer hydraulic pressure under certain water depth, which will impact the operation of the touchscreen. It’s suggested to take photos by volume buttons inside a waterproof phone pouch. Easy to operate the touch screen functions, but NOT for touch ID fingerprint. Multifunctional Waterproof Phone Bag Features as a simple snap and lock access, easy to keep out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt. You should understand that inside waterproof bag the fog is a normal phenomenon. Next Cell Phone Age com will shares some comments from users who have experienced such item.

Mark bought a phone pouch to use at music festivals. At most of the festivals they go on rain or shine and have a lot of water type activates. Slip-N-Slides, mud-pits, mister booths and water cannons and filming everything with phone are a must. It fits a phone, tickets and an I.D. perfect and keeps them dry. He has tested an iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s and HTC M8 and all of them fit perfect. Also on all 3 phones he can use the touch screen through the case and able to turn on phone camera/video and it takes pictures through the plastic very well while keeping it dry. Later Mark tested the pouch several different ways with a phone before completely submerging the product under water for 1/2 a minute and it worked perfectly, no signs of moisture.

Jack purchased these waterproof bags for use on vacation and they did not disappoint him. They kept the phone dry and he was able to take pictures with the phone in the plastic case. Had a little bit of trouble seeing the picture he was taking but he thinks that was more due to the sun glare. All of the pictures taken while in the waterproof bags looked just as good as if the phone hadn't been in a case. Jack comments, that you would never know by looking at them. It's definitely right to recommend them to anyone who might need some protection against possible water damage to phone.

Susan bought this case for a spearfishing trip in South Florida. She initially tested it by putting a napkin inside and submersing is while she left for work. A returned and after being submersed for 5 hours the napkins were completely dry. Next was the real deal, She kept her phone inside the case and the provided lanyard was an excellent addition as she could keep her LG V20 around her neck without fear of losing it.

Using phone inside the waterproof phone pouch wasn't a problem, and Susan was very surprised to find the video and images taken while inside the case were very crisp. Sound was clear, has she not told anyone, would never know it was inside a bag at all. She took it to around 15' deep recording video and it worked all the way to the bottom and back. The only drawback is that once submerged it's almost impossible to use phone, this is a drawback with the phone though, not the case. She said if you want to get some video, set it up before taking it underwater.

Billy purchased a package of these two waterproof bags. When received, he read the instructions and first tested the bags with a tissue, in a sink filled with water. No leaks! He used these waterproof bags all day at Sea World's Aquatica Water Park. His iPhone (and the person who he let borrow the other case's phone) stayed completely dry! He thinks it was easy to use the phone, while it was inside bags, to take photos and videos. Replaying the videos and photos back and he couldn't even tell that they were inside of a case. Billy has definitely recommended this product, and would purchase one again.

Taylor bought several pieces of phone pouch for her trip to Universal studios in Orlando and found they were perfect! She originally bought them to protect her phone on water rides. Finally she found it did a GREAT job protecting phone! She even ended up taking it inter-tubing on a river and phone stayed perfectly dry and taking photos through the plastic. The photos were surprisingly good, with a little hazy, of course. But she would not expect crystal clear through plastic. Besides they also served as VERY useful to hold her Universal park passes so that she could just wear them around neck and the bar codes could be easily zapped. No digging out the cards for each ride. After all, Taylor thought these are a not no-brainer for the money, but very handy and very useful.

Jay bought a waterproof phone pouch from Cell Phone Age com. Arrived on time, waterproof bag was tested by him, found light weight and easy to use. Jay said phone functions fully inside the sealed case, except for fingerprint ID. All these work: making and receiving calls, internet use, reading on Kindle app and iBooks, using apps. Even the camera does well inside the case--images are sparkly clear. He found, after immersion, a few drops of water are clinging on the clear plastic edges OUTSIDE the seal and between the two parts of the black plastic handle/seal mechanism, but NO water is inside the bag where the phone is.

It’s also noted that DO NOT put Electronic Products into Waterproof Bag when you use it firstly, and you'd better use some unimportant things to check whether it leaks. Now the Waterproof Bag Case For Universal Phone Portable Pouch is hot selling at only less than 5USD on Cell Phone Age com.

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