4 Myths Made Clear on Availing Prostate Massage for Men

Posted by Ron William on October 17th, 2017

A lot has been said as well as written on erotic massage services where a few find it to be a hush-hush thing while the rest find it to be rejuvenating. Erotic massage involves tantalising the senses while applying pressure to the sensitive areas of the body while encouraging sexual feelings. The massage involves allowing the body to gain control of the excitement and the release while making you feel the pleasure for a longer time and then giving it a release through orgasms.

While erotic massage includes massaging the prostrates and concentrating more on it and its activities, people are often sceptical to opt for such massages especially when they are hit with numerous notion that often turn out to be myths. Here are a few to know and the myths debunked for you when it comes to availing prostrate massage.

Myth 1 – Only gay men opt for prostate massage

Well, there is no hard and fast rule that only gays would find it pleasing when someone massages their genitals. Heterosexual men too love it when their genitals are touched by women with soft and smooth hands while being stimulated. The sexual energies are controlled while letting them feel the sensations on their skin and not result in orgasm oat the soonest just because a sensitive area of the body is touched.

Myth 2 – I am in a relationship, I can’t avail prostrate massage

No relationship status can bar a man from availing a prostate massage. Your partner too can help you out with the same while she learns the tricks from an expert. More so, availing a massage from your partner not just relaxes you but also heats things up between the both of you. There are no grounds for discomfort, and with frequent sessions, you learn to bring about the fun and pleasurable factor in the sexual relationship that the both of you share.

Myth 3 – Women dislike the concept

Women too loved to be caressed and worked upon at the genitals by men, but that doesn’t mean that they can get selfish and cannot partake with a similar massage to their male counterpart. Women, in the present times, have accepted the fact that there can be nothing better than pleasing the partner to enjoy seamless and long-lasting sex. They love to help out with prostate massage to their partners while ensuring that they have a great time together in bed.

Myth 4 – It is performed only for medical reasons

Well, there are times when doctors prescribe prostrate massage to prevent prostate cancer or probably solve erectile dysfunction, but it is not just limited to that. Any man who is not prescribed can opt for it, and there are no risks involved. It is something that is likely to stimulate the sexual energies well while keeping it active. Even when a person has regular sex, there are times when they face premature ejaculation and often cannot control themselves. Availing such a massage on a regular basis is likely to make such problems normal.

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