I Bought Magnetic Eyelashes and This is My Story

Posted by AnnetteSBearden on October 17th, 2017

Magnetic Lashes

I used to think about fake lashes on a regular basis. That sounds weird, but with all of beautiful women and makeup tutorials on Instagram, it was hard not to think about those intense lashes.  

Fake lashes can be purchased at stores and applied professionally. I wasn't ready to commit to semi-permanent, professionally applied lashes, but to cure my curiosity, I decided to try once and have the feeling of those gorgeous looking fake lashes. Some of the beauty salons offer the fake lashes at different pieces based on their type. Here is a breakdown of different lashes and the cost at which they are offered in different salons: 

Eyelash growing treatment – .00 

Full glamour set – 0.00 

Natural eyelash lift – .00 

Ultra-glam full set – 5.00 

Re-fill (touch-up) – .00 

High-volume full set – 0.00 

Removal – .00 

The above are just average costs. If you live in a big city such as Los Angeles or even New York, then you should be prepared to pay way more for eyelash extensions. The cost can reach hundreds of dollars. Salons offer a wide variety of lashes which include individual eyelashes, natural lash extensions, and brow and lash tinting. 

There is nothing wrong in trying those posh salons where you will pay hugely for the lashes. But, if you are out to save your paycheck, you can as well explore different options.  


I Recommend Magnetic Lashes 

If you're looking for fake lashes on a budget, you should enter the world of magnetic eyelashes. I’m talking about One Two Cosmetics, which is the company that launched the first ever magnetic lashes. The lashes have a great design to allow users apply them without any glue. You don’t need the messy glue for you to apply the lashes, they have micro-magnetics that create an attraction force which forces them to sandwich your lashes making you achieve a great look without going through the struggle of applying the messy glue. 

Eyelash extensions were great, although I hated lying there for hours while someone stuck tiny hairs to my eyelid. Was it worth it? Probably not (for me, anyway). Compared to magnetic eyelashes, extensions are so overrated! 


How One Two Magnetic Lashes Work 

You simply take the lashes out of the box and place one above your top eyelash and one below it, layering your natural lashes in between 


The simple steps you need to follow are as outlined below: 

1. Take the top piece of the magnetic lash out of the box 

You should use your soft thumb and index finger to hold them gently. There are two pieces which will sandwich your natural lashes hence you should always start with the top layer. You can differentiate the top and bottom layer through the use of the red dot provided on the bottom piece to distinguish it from the top. 

2. Position top fake lashes on your top lash line 

After you withdraw the top lashes, you should place them on your top lash line gently. You should let the top lashes rest on the top of your natural lashes lightly. Try to adjust them smoothly till they align with your natural lashes. 

3. Remove the bottom piece from the box 

The bottom piece of One Two magnetic lashes is marked with a dot; the second step involves removing the bottom layer and just allow it to align gently on your lower lash line. Try to pull the two lashes upwards slowly. Adjust slowly till they align. You will know they have aligned after the magnetic strips pull each other sandwiching your natural lashes. 

4. Snap the two lashes together 

When the top and bottom lashes align, the magnetic forces will attract hence making your false lashes align with the natural lashes thus making your look fabulous. Finally, blink, and the magnetic lashes will align making you feel natural. 


How to Remove One Two Lashes: 

Removing the lashes is easy. Just hold the magnetic lashes at the bottom using your thumb and index finger then pull them out gently. You should pull the magnetic lashes away from each other. Avoid pulling the magnetic lashes forward because it can lead to their permanent damage. They can as well damage your natural lashes if pulled forward.


Comparing One Two Lash Magnetic Eyelashes with Other Falsies 

You'll probably need to practice putting on magnetic lashes before getting them just right, but unlike fake lashes that use glue, you won't be getting messy glue everywhere, or wasting a perfectly good set of falsies. Magnetic lashes are easy to apply if practice and follow the procedure provided. They are also easy to remove. There are a lot of other magnetic falsies on the market, but don't let that confuse you—One Two Cosmetics has the ORIGINAL magnetic eyelashes.  

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