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Posted by HelenaNelson on October 17th, 2017

Let’s face it the internet makes our lives easier.  It’s definitely revolutionized the entire world. One new revolution is live streaming, which has made it possible to broadcast any event, activities or occasion and watch it in real time (i.e. “live”) viasmartphones, tablets and other screens. As the internet remains available 24/7, its content is accessibleanytime, anywhere.

Live streaming makes it possible to broadcast for business and personal purposes. The technology helps people connect and communicate with each other irrespective of their geographic location. Thus, it serves as a wonderful tool to promote businesses, worship globally, present online tutorials, broadcasting real-life events, making announcements, studying different cultures, communicating with business partners, andother important events.

Live streaming is advantageous in innumerable ways. A few are presented here:

A channel to reach global audience:

For churches, live streaming is a marvelous tool to broadcast events to members who are miles away and cannot be physically present there. Not just this, but the technology allows you to invite as many people as you need to enjoy the event. People who can’t reach your house can join online. If you are a business and live stream your presentations, news or special events, you do it to reach out to masses. Live streaming makes the information accessible to people dispersed globally. It lets you reach people who cannot be with you at the moment. Hence, it is convenient for you and your target audience to mingle.

Ease and convenience:

It’s simple and convenient to be able to connect whenever and wherever you are at any given moment in life. You don’t need expensive equipment, tools or software to start your broadcasting channel. Everything essential is made available by service providers and you get to enjoy considerable bandwidth along with maximum views. Choose a reliable live streaming platform where you will get high-quality videos and images to live stream your event. Being a tech savvy is not essential to be able to broadcast. Follow the instructions provided by the service and you can use your channel proficiently.

A variety of content:

Do you think live streaming is for audio and video only? You are mistaken as the technique allows demonstrating any file to your audience – be it a power point presentation, an article, photos, images or any other medium of your choice. Online chatting is also facilitated using the technology where messages and files can be exchanged online.  Real-time polling is just one of many new online features that your live streaming service provider can help facilitate. 

Accessible on mobile device:

The best thing is that live stream is accessible on mobile phones. So,it ensures wider reach in real-time.  Once again, the “anywhere and everywhere” concept of effective and potentially life-changing communication is now the rule, not the exception any more. 

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