Professional high rise workers use anchor points as safety harness points

Posted by AngeloEverton on July 13th, 2011

 Working at dizzying heights presents several dangers, the primary being the fear of falling. Workers that do take up such risky projects of cleaning up high rise windows, usually undergo intensive building riding techniques to actually be durable enough to carry off such an intensive operations. Interestingly, skyscrapers do have numerous access points that can be used as active anchor points to attach safety harness lines. The idea remains fairly simple, workers primarily check the durability of the rope and then the anchor points are checked, before workers can actually suspend themselves to commence the cleaning or repair work. Another important safety criterion that needs to be fulfilled is roof safety. Roofs usually hold numerous loose objects that could possibly endanger workers by falling on them when unsettled. Therefore special care is always taken to check out any loose objects lying over rooftops.

To ensure anchor points are secured, workers usually adopt several testing procedures to see durability of the anchor itself. Now, when there are several anchors dropped over the roof, then pulley lines become extremely important. According to standard procedures, a special safety harness specialist looks after the multiple anchor lines along with the harness systems attached over the workers. Besides, the specialist also takes precautions to ensure roof safety.

Cleaning works opposed to repair jobs are completely different to each other. Repair jobs are incredibly challenging to carry out especially within an environment such as Sydney that develops wind speeds upto 100kmph on average.  Not only workers need to maneuver heavy objects, but they will require doing all that against high velocity winds. To make the situation worse, building equipments usually don’t have safety anchor points; therefore any mishandling of equipments would mean people that stand directly underneath repair works will certainly be under danger of being hit by a falling object. This is where roof safety becomes extremely important as all safety lines do go out from the roof.

Professional high rise workers do go through rigorous training before they can actually take up their duties. The training period can at times last for even 6 months as workers will first need to prove themselves over 5-10 storey buildings. On the flip side, Sydney skyscrapers are well over 60 storey’s on average, therefore the extensive training period certainly sounds justified. What’s more, workers are specifically trained to find and attach anchor points to special joints that can take them. This is unquestionably an important drill as a workers life depends upon the strength of an anchor point coupled with the safety harness belt. Interestingly, even roof safety is taken seriously as any falling object can be fatal when working under such dizzying heights.

Are you seeking for professional high storey cleaning service providers that ensure worker safety? Well, we are proud to be one of them as we impart special training to our workers on anchor points and roof safety issues to ensure the utmost in worker safety along with perfect working ambience.

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