Plant Paradox: The New Diet Plan in Town

Posted by Lowry on October 17th, 2017

The plant paradox diet plan is a strategic health plan developed by Dr. Steven Gundry for the purpose of helping people to live a healthy life. According to Dr. Gundry, a lot of the conditions that cost millions to treat leaving some individuals with permanent conditions can all tackled way before a surgery becomes a necessity. 

This diet plan is not new, in fact, some people have already been following it and they have confessed to witnessing magnificent changes in their lives. But what exactly is this plant paradox diet? 

Plant Paradox Nutritional Plan 

The plant paradox aims to make more efficient and sustainable changes in people’s lives through a holistic approach. This means that it tries to change your lifestyle, how you approach eating and the kinds of meals that you eat. Specialists have always recommended the changing of lifestyle as the most effective health plan compared to other diet plans and this is simply because diet plans tend to be a bit restricted with short-term outcomes. 

The Plant Paradox Plan as the name suggests revolves around the using of certain plants to improve our health. For decades herbalists have been trying to sell us the idea that plants are the best diet plans but is that really true? Plants are living things containing lots of compounds and while some of them might be edible, their contents might not be what your system needs. All living things including plants have a defensive mechanism to protect them from attacks. In most plants, it’s a protein known as lectin which could be in form of gluten. This a toxic compound that helps plants to counter animal attacks. Any animal that consumes this lectin will get ill and as a result, they stop eating such plants.  

This compound also has its effects on human beings. Although the effects may be mild or short-term and sometimes pass unnoticed it’s still critical that we avoid eating such plants as much as possible. These compounds could lead you into experiencing chronic autoimmune conditions, weight gain, digestive issues etc. Continuous exposure to such issues will, in the long run, lead you into having bigger complications which are expensive and more delicate to handle. 

The plan gives you a list of some of the dangerous plants such as seeds, soy, legumes, nightshades, grains etc. It also goes further to explain the frequency and importance of consuming certain foods e.g. eating fruits in seasons. So why don’t you use the plant paradox diet plan to understand which plants to use and which ones to avoid?

The New Food Pyramid 

Dr. Gundry developed a new food pyramid for easier understanding of what the plan entails. This is a reinvention and improvement of the previous USDA food pyramid which was a total disaster that led to health-related epidemics like obesity that we are witnessing today. This plan encourages the eating of pasta, cereal bread etc. On the other hand, it discourages us from consuming almost all types of oils and fats. 

The primary focus of this pyramid is at the base where eating cruciferous and leafy veggies together with a few other approved healthy oils is recommended. At the pinnacle, you come across the foods that shouldn’t be eaten more than twice a week e.g. red meat. This pyramid separates fruits from other vegetables cautioning us from overeating them. According to Dr. Gundry, fruits have too many sugars which can be a source of serious medical conditions and hence they should be eaten in moderation. 

Reading The Plant Paradox Book 

I think it is important that we first tell you about its creator, Dr. Gundry. He is one of the leading heart surgery experts worldwide and the International Heart and Lung Institute head in Santa Barbara and Palm Spring. Previously, he was head of the Loma Linda University Cardiothoracic Surgery unit. Surgery is a lucrative sector but Dr. Gundry decided to solve most of the problems people face at the prevention levels instead of operating on them. As a surgeon he could earn much more but how ethical would it be to him if he actually knew some of the ways to improve people’s lives and didn’t share the knowledge?! 

The Plant Paradox book, therefore, is an exceptional read filed with lots of facts on the foods we interact with on daily basis. The knowledge contained in the book is very useful whether you will decide to follow its diet plans or not. It also has recipes for snacks, drinks, and meals of different kinds including burgers, pizzas, soups, cakes, muffins and ice cream! 


It’s shocking that some of the foods that we happily consume are in fact not good for our health. The Plant Paradox diet plan book, which is available on Amazon, contains useful information that you simply can’t overlook especially if you are suffering from digestive problems, obesity, or chronic diseases. The incredible book that has already impressed the likes of Tony Robbins and Dr. Oz contains fascinating stuff that will completely change your life.

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