Short Brief of Development of Smart Phone Protection Cover

Posted by Chris on October 18th, 2017

Since the smart phone has become an important of our life, the cellphone accessories products have taken up the most part of the market area. This products, such as earphone, portable charger, protection cover, and so on. There are so many kinds of these products on the market for us to choose. Here we make a brief of one of these accessory products, the cellphone protection cover, mainly about the classification, the production process and the decoration.

  1.        Development of cellphone protection cover  


Technical cosmetology has become a new style career with the technology’s rapid development. One of these aspects shows on the variety of the cellphone protection covers. There are PU cover, PVC cover, leather cover, silica gel cover, etc. Our cellphones are safe from break of cash with a cover and are better from the outside look. Since there are so many types and models of cellphone on the market, the covers are made in different styles and sizes. We can choose a suitable one on the shelf for our own cellphone. Yong people are so desperate for showing their unique character and test nowadays. It shows on the way they choose the merchandise, that’s why the cellphone covers are made better and better, especial on the craft and outside design. The diversification of cellphone protection cover is become more and more obvious.

  1.        Protection effect of cellphone cover


1)       Anti-crash, anti-shock effect, to keep your cellphone away from break of careless drop.

2)       Keep your cellphone away from scratch of fingernails, knife, or any hard sharp tools.

3)       Cellphone covers made of special material can keep your cellphone away from interfere of other outside signal, and strengthen the receipt signal.  

  1.        Classification of cellphone protection covers


The materials for cellphone covers are mainly made of PU, silica gel, leather, crystal plastic and even wooden and bamboo. Here we introduce some of these covers.  

1.)     Silica gel

Cellphone covers of this material are widely used for most people. It’s cheap and light, soft and anti-slip. Covers of silica gel have been used for a long time since the popularity of MP3 and iPod. Distinguished from the craft of manufacture process, protection covers made of this material can be cheap and quite expensive. Silica gel can be divided of organic and inorganic. Covers on the market are mainly made of organic. This kind of material is good for thermo stability, refractory decomposition and insolation. People like it because it is soft and good tactility. Although silica gel cover meets people’s favor, there still disadvantages of this cellphone protection cover. Firstly, bad air permeability. This waterproof material is not so good for heat radiation. Too much accumulated heat is bad for the conservation of the internal parts. Secondly, size deviation of the cover. Since there are all kinds of cellphone covers selling in the market. Size deviation is hardly avoided, even the certain model cover for certain brand. Customers should bring their cellphone and try to put the new cover on it before purchase. Anyway, customers should take the quality first into consideration. A cellphone cover should be a tough Shell for protection.

2.)     Leather

This material is quite expensive but worthy. Cellphone covers made of leather are exquisite and fashion. People choose leather cellphone cover because it is noble and durable, especially someone works on business area. Leather cover can be divided into two styles, the waist carrying style and portable pocket holding style. Smart phones like iPhone, Samsung Note model are mostly used the latter style. Portable leather cover is good for exquisite look, portable for carrying, air permeability and duration. This kind of cellphone cover sells well on the global market although it is expensive.

3.)     Crystal Organic Glass

Crystal PVC cellphone cover is popular mainly for females. This transparent hard material not only keeps your cellphone in good protection, but also gives it a great outside look. This new style covers are good but there are still some aspect we need to concern before we choose one for our cellphone. Cellphone cover made of this material is easy to crack because it is too thin. Manufacturers use molds on the process and the quality rate is not 100%. Besides, the duration of this material is not good. A clear transparent cover will be dark and turn yellow after a time on use.

4.)     Other new style material

Here we make a short introduction on some new style material, wooden and bamboo. These two material meet people’s favor on the market because if fashion and creative.

All in all, Choosing a protection cover is a good way to protection your cellphone. A beautiful cover makes your cellphone a great look. There are all kinds of cellphone cover in our shop, Please land on our website of Cell Phone Age to take a view.    

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