Confidence and Fear: How Motivational Speakers Inspire Kids to Positively Channe

Posted by joelpenton on October 18th, 2017

Confidence and fear are both powerful influences on the actions of people of all ages. When properly channeled, these influences can promote positive action that helps lead individuals on paths toward success. Identifying, examining, and using these influences in a positive way is precisely what youth motivational speakers strive to achieve when they engage with kids in classrooms, auditoriums, and at special events.

Fear is such a powerful influencer because it often prevents people from taking action, trying something new or taking risks. While a healthy dose of fear can help steer the youth away from bad decisions, irrational fears may prevent them from realizing their potential. When irrational fears are identified and faced head on, youth may gain the confidence necessary to reach for, work toward, and realize their dreams.

Youth motivational speakers may address these two influencers quite differently, but their intent will generally be the same. Their desire is to empower youth to face fears that may stand in the way of their personal goals so that they may gain the confidence necessary to take steps to achieve them. When positive motivational speakers address youth, they aim to help students define and strive for their personal goals by:

  • Opening kids’ eyes to the possibilities – Youth motivational speakers who share their stories of success – and failures – can help kids open their eyes to the possibilities their own futures hold. By sharing stories of obstacles that had to be overcome to attain goals, speakers can demonstrate to the youth that it is feasible to face down fears and defeat obstacles. The desire for positive motivational speakers is to get youngsters to think about their futures, envision the path forward, and gain the personal confidence necessary to follow the path.
  • Helping them find their confidence – When youngsters are inspired to envision attainment of their personal goals and can “see” themselves overcoming the obstacles, they gain confidence to begin taking the first steps. Confidence is so very important to inspire because this influencer can help youth face down irrational fears that may otherwise stand in their way. When the youth really believe they can achieve a goal, chances are they will.
  • Assisting them in seeing and making the right choices – Youth today are constantly bombarded with things they should not do. When speakers take a different approach by showing kids how making the right choices pays off, youth may more eagerly embrace taking a path that leads them away from drugs, alcohol, and other negative influences. Sound choices are critical for helping kids stay on a course that is likely to help them attain their goals and enjoy the personal success they desire.

Motivational speakers that inspire youth to recognize and overcome irrational fears promote personal confidence and the positive actions that may go along with it. By doing so, motivational speakers can plant the seeds that help youngsters in middle school, high school, and beyond flourish and grow.

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