How To Make A Big Hit With Pint Koozies During Your Wedding

Posted by David Smith on October 18th, 2017

Weddings are highly special occasions. They provide a rare occasion to connect with your near and dear ones. Alongside marking the union of two individuals for the rest of their lives, weddings also facilitate a getting together of friends and relatives. It is the cherished dream of every couple to make their wedding a special occasion and stand out in the memories of people. There are several ways in which you can achieve this. During weddings organize some fantastic events and also give away some special gifts to the attendees. Print the Pint Koozies with attractive message pertaining to the wedding and slip them on the glasses used by the guests. Give them away as gifts to the guests in order to create lasting memories.

Why pint koozies are special for weddings
Pint koozies are relevant for weddings and gatherings since they can be slipped on to the glasses in which the beverages are distributed. Hence you create an occasion for the guests to reflect on the theme and message of the event. Just imagine how nice it would be to find the pint glass koozies with the names of the bride and groom when the guests hang around the wedding venue with their beverages. Also they will certainly love to carry them as gifts and memorabilia when they go back to their homes in order to talk of the event for so long.

Customize those koozies
If you have decided to get custom printed pint koozies for the wedding ceremony, you have landed on a fantastic idea to make a big hit during the event. However, in this mission, the main challenge in front of you is to find the right supplier who can fulfill your dreams at the best prices and with the best output.
The standard size pint koozie can house glasses from 16 ounces to 22 ounces. They can preserve the temperature of the draft beer and mixed drinks supplied to your guests.

The pint koozies are made for solo type plastic cups and can therefore be personalized in several ways to project the theme of the event. The suppliers can print them with the message related to the wedding event. To provide a fitting backdrop to the printed matter, you must make sure you choose the color of the koozie material accordingly.

You can invent some nice ideas and themes for printing on koozies tob e distributed during the wedding. The most popular entry would be the names of the bride and groom coming together in the marital bond. The rest of the matter is left to your taste. You can include some nice quotes for life or a powerful or interesting message for the guests.

One good idea is to go for two kinds of koozies one type for the lady guests and the other type for the men. This is because cool colors go well with ladies while fast colors are favored by men. Also, you can choose to print them in two different ways.
You can get tons of ideas from the suppliers on how to customize the koozies to make the perfect gifts for the wedding.

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