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Posted by Michael on October 18th, 2017


People with backache, heart issues and bad posture are often found searching for the best inversion table in the market. Question is what an inversion tables is and what it has to do with such kind of people? So, inversion table is like a straight plank, able to move around a fixed pivot at both ends. Person lies down on the plank with ability to stretch the back for removing the pain.  


Basic purpose of an inversion table is to eliminate the back pain. However it can reduce the load on nerves, joints and spine. Body’s flexibility is improved by using this machine and flow of blood to the head gets more fluent.  


On the basis of operation mechanism, two types of inversion therapy tables exist in the market. 
Manual Inversion Table: This table is the one which works by hands. No motor or machine is attached with this device. You can use hands to move yourself up and below the level line to stretch the back.  
Power Inversion Table: This type of inversion table is the one equipped with a machine or motor which is used for the movement of person upside down for the complete stretching of body muscles.  
Some people find manual system as the best and some think of Power Inversion table as the best inversion table. But it depends on the priorities and ease of use, which varies from person to person.  


Every machine is a combination of numerous small sized parts or components. Likewise, inversion table is also a system assembled from several components, each of which has its own importance in the whole framework. Main components are listed below: 

  • Frame 
  • Adjustable Holds 
  • Backpads 
  • Head Pillow 
  • Ankle Clamps 
  • Derattler Knob 
  • Self-locking hinges 
  • Injection Molded Bed 
  • Adjustable Foot place 
  • Main Shaft 
  • Pivot Bearings  


Inversion table got a number of features and solution to a wide range of problems. Some of the areas where inversion table helps are discussed below: 
Pain Relieve:  

  • It eliminates the back pain of people in a short span of time. 
  • It helps in reducing Osteoarthritis pain. 
  • It helps in reduction of headaches.  

Physical Fitness: 

  • It beautifies body’s posture. 
  • It increases the flexibility in body. 
  • It strengthens ligaments of body. 
  • It helps gaining height and reducing weight.  

Respiratory and Circulatory System: 

  • It increases lungs function. 
  • It strengthens the breathing ability of humans. 
  • Heart functions increasingly well by using inversion table. 
  • Blood circulation gets smoother. 

Digestive and Mental Health: 

  • It improves the digestion mechanism of people. 
  • Immune system gets efficient.  
  • Internal organs are strengthened.  
  • Stress is eliminated. 
  • It also helps avoiding depressions.  

That was all about the inversion tables. Only buying an inversion table isn’t enough to enjoy the full perks of this exciting machine. Best inversion table is the one encompassing most of the features mentioned above. Now people just have to use this device with its full requirements.

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