Different Usage of Optical Character Recognition

Posted by savannahnhicks on October 18th, 2017

OCR stands for optical character recognition it helps to read the images , fonts . handwritten and printed text and convert it into the encoded readable content.  It is also effective in scanning the documents and recognized the characters in it. It can identify the content in English and other languages. It can also detect text in images. Modern OCR technique has improved  and it supports the multiple fonts style like italic, bold. italic and image text. OCR are also used in cloud like extracting content and restore it in database.  Now we will understand how OCR is  working in different way

It can read characters from image

OCR helps in identifying the characters from images. You can detect characters from  TIFF and BMP formats with the help of OCR for Clouds. To identify the characters from  images,  you must pass image name and the format to the OCR for cloud and you will have all the details with you. Similarity when people see passport OCR  that fetch the required detail of the person.     

Identify characters from different languages

By using  optical character recognition you can easily detect the different language at one time. Suppose if we mix the styles and font type, it will be very huge section of characters to be identified from an image. OCR technology with cloud  can do this work efficiently. It can easily identify content in Spanish, French, English and other language at one time.   

Give support for  Font Attributes

OCR can easily manage font attributes, to get the readable content from image it is necessary to know different font attributers . If there is no format of font then it becomes difficult to identify the character from image. With the help of OCR for clouds you can identify font precisely. Font attributes are comprised with   font size, font name, , font style (bold, italic, underline) etc.

OCR Labs is certainly the leading OCR service providers which are effectively giving their services in banking, Passport office by doing Passport OCR, IT series and so on. OCR is the best way to make your content or data safe and change it into to encrypted language so that your data cannot be hacked easily. It is like an optical scanner which has the capacity to read the graphics , images , text and all that. It has the ability to transform the printed text into understandable format so that you can read it effortlessly.          

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