How To Put Music On Your PSP

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

With the evolution of the Sony PSP from portable gaming device to a full fledge entertainment media center, people everywhere are finding new and exciting ways to use their PSP. Whether it is playing their favorite video game on the go, or watching a UMD movie when they have time, another media function of the PSP has taken on new heights of popularity. Which function is that? The ability of the PSP to play MP3 songs!

Want to use your Playstation Portable for an MP3 player in addition to game machine? Here?s what you?ll need:

? PSP (Playstation Portable)
? USB A to mini B cable
? USB port not being used on your computer
? Memory Stick Duo
? CD of music you?d like to transfer or
? Online music source
? About 15 minutes

And this is what you will do to make your PSP a music player:

?Download music through your online music source or
?Insert your CD into your computer. Using Windows Media Player or another music program, copy music to your hard drive and format it as MP3 by choosing ?Copy to Device or CD?
?Navigate to the location of your music, open the directory
?Insert your Memory Stick Duo into your PSP by opening the slot cover on the left side of the PSP screen
?Slide the memory stick into the slot in the direction of the arrow with the printing facing up
?Fully insert the memory stick into the slot then close the slot cover
?Attach the PSP to your computer using the empty USB port on your computer and the USB cable
?Turn on your PSP then click USB Connection under the Settings menu
?Transfer the music from your music directory to the new PSP folder either by the drag-drop method or by selecting the music, copying the files then pasting into the new PSP folder

There are many places to find music to download. Here are just a few:

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