The dangers associated with working at height

Posted by AngeloEverton on July 16th, 2011

With Sydney almost being denoted as the land of skyscrapers, it’s no surprise that the city usually require a great number of window cleaning experts and high rise building maintenance service providers to ensure high rise building exteriors sit fit and prime under all conditions.  However, working at height is no mean feat especially within a windy city such Sydney. With the city in close proximity to the Tasman Sea, most high rise structures within Sydney acquire heavy quantities of salt content that not only corrode building exteriors, but also blur out windows completely. This is precisely where building maintenance Sydney services gun into action right away with their heavy duty gear and other cleaning apparatus. With most window cleaning service providers being available 24/7, building owners here in Oz land find it relatively easy to keep their building exteriors neat and tidy. 

While Sydney hasn’t seen any accident occur from working at height, but their always that constant danger of falling. Luckily, the Australian building cleaners department does maintain specific protocols when it comes to cleaning high rise structures. They first examine the exteriors through photographic analysis to check for any possible window damages or structural weakness. Once this test is done, all building maintenance Sydney services need to do is utilize building specific safety harnesses to match given repair works. However, workers also undergo safety harness checks almost every day before they are employed under working conditions. Thankfully, safety harness gears are usually supplied via professional makers that mainly specialize building such units.

Working at height also presents the danger of being damaged by falling debris. While Sydney has strangely stayed away from such incidents, but other Oz states haven’t had such favorable outcomes. Falling debris is certainly one of biggest concern any worker faces when as there is simply far less time to sway out of trouble. To sort this quandary, building maintenance Sydney services undergo safety inspections over roof tops in order to eliminate any lose object that could present threat towards workers. Besides, workers usually employ the use of access rope that’s far more agile and do give workers just that tad bit more time to sway out of trouble.

Professional Sydney high rise workers go through extensive training before they are reinstated into active duty. According to standard protocol, amateur workers are actually not allowed to climb high rise buildings, rather they will need to strengthen their skills over 2-3 storey buildings before they can turn up as professional building maintenance Sydney service workers. Working at height requires loads of dedication and immense amount of concentration to actually be aware of the environment along with the task on hand. The entire process is quite dangerous and should always be reserved for professionals.

Interested in working at height? We can certainly help you make a career as a high rise worker. All you need to do is subscribe with us and we will train you to become maintenance Sydney service specialist within no time. We will also offer you the liberty of working in small time projects.

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