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The old team has just announced the requirements of the Dragon Slayer II OSRS,The old team wanted the players to complete all of rs 07 gold these requirements in early 2018,So you should pay more attention on these requirements, please read carefully.the hammer is now in the user's hand rather than floating nearby.Players can no longer stand with their bodies half inside the drystone wall by the Fossil Island swamp.Female characters wearing the obsidian cape, or its "reversed" version, would experience polygon stretching if they wielded the new hand fan item. The cape was changed to address this.

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The all requirements

You should reach 200 mission points and complete 7 quests, including legendary quests, dream tutor, animal magnetism, ghosts of Ahoy, bones sailing, Kolunde customers and two cats tail OSRS.What's more,You should have 50 hits and skill levels in Magic 75, Smith 70, Mining 68, Production 62, Agile 60, Thieves 60 and Construction 50.

The player opinions

Although some players think this request is too low, In their view, the skill levels would be between 80 and 90.But the Jmod said Dragon Slayer II OSRS is the first to pursue more than 70 skill requirements, until now, 75 magic requirements are the highest skill requirements in the task,And less than 10% of the members meet this requirement.

In the end, I have to remind you that you have to complete all these requirements as soon as possible in early 2018 (Jan/Feb),We will always do everything to help you and make you relieved to buy Runescape 2007 Gold from us, Hope you can have a good experience in Rsorder .The descriptions of various teleport tablets have been updated to show the Wilderness levels of their destinations.Valuable item drop warnings are now triggered more reliably for valueless items if a sufficiently large stack is being droppedCorrected the examine of watered mahogany saplings so they no longer refer to maple saplings.Fixed the message when cooking a mushroom pie to correctly mention Sulliucep mushrooms.Fixed a typo of 'artefact' when speaking to Simon at the Agility Pyramid.While crushing infernal eels,

Runefest has come and gone and it was not just all about Runescape 3. The guys behind Old School Runescape also took to the stage and gave us some great information about what we can expect to see in Old School Runescape over the next 12 months. You can check out the full video over at the Official Runescape Channel. But we wanted to share with you some of the things we thought sounded really cool.

The original Raids was a huge success in OSRS and even now, a few years later they said over 10 thousand people per day play it. But the OSRS team are not stopping there. They are is going to be a new Raid called The Theater Of Blood which is about vampires!
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