Things to know about Laser treatment for hair and skin

Posted by radiancemedispas on October 20th, 2017

Since life is very busy these days it becomes quite a task to go regularly to a parlour to get all the waxing and threading done. So,laser treatment for hairremoval has become a very popular medium to remove all the unwanted body hair nowadays. It is a way in which all the unwanted hair is removed permanently.

The laser light is converted to heat when it is applied on the skin. The natural skin pigment called ‘melanin’ absorbs the heat produced by the laser. The hair follicle is damaged by the laser which prevents further growth of hair. The laser machine that is used for this purpose can be tuned depending on the skin and hair type of the person.

There are certain preparations that a person must make before going for a Laser treatment for hair appointment. They should stay protected from sun burn for at least 4-6 weeks before the date so that they do not get a tan. This also means not getting a tan through the artificial means. The area which is to be treated by laser must be shaved and not waxed because the hair follicle must be present underneath the skin. There will be multiple sessions of the treatment and the skin will not become immediately smooth after the first appointment. It also may be a bit painful like a pinching sensation.

Similarly, it applies for our skin too. If the skin looks aged with blemishes and spots or wrinkles, then you will get benefits by choosing laser treatment for skin in Bangalore.

These days it is often not possible to keep going to parlour for skin care appointments and specially for blemishes, acnes, age treatments because they need multiple long sessions. The permanent solution to make your skin blemish free is to avail laser treatment for skin in Bangalore.  Laser treatment for scars and blemishes from acne involves removing the upper layer of the skin with the help of laser and tightening the middle layer. The laser treatment for severe acne involves treatment in which the oil glands below the skin layer is heated up and caused to reduce in size which in turn then secretes lesser oil.

Both laser treatment for hair and laser treatment for skin may involve some side effects. This includes itching, swelling, pinkish skin. These last generally for a couple of days. However, if there are any serious conditions then it is better to consult a doctor. 

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