The 4 Aftercare Tips to Remember with an Ear Piercing

Posted by Ron William on October 20th, 2017

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Getting the ears pierced is something that allows you to wear jewellery of your choice without having to look for stuff that has magnets to them. It is something that adds to your aesthetics, and while that is done, there are times when you are to take good care of your ears. Since it is a sudden incision in your earlobes, the tissues and the skin takes a lot of time to heal, unlike cuts and wounds that you encounter.

Whether it is a gun or a needle put to use for ear piercing at a beauty salon in Adelaide such as Beauty by Hong, the ear cannot get back to normal overnight. It takes time for it to heal and when it comes to its care, there are tips that the professionals at the salon would help you with. Along with that, there are several other things to remember when it comes to the aftercare of ear piercing for it to stay for as long.   

Avoid removing the starter earring

When your ears get pierced, you get to watch the expert fit a starter earring into the piercing. These are earrings made of hypo-allergenic metal that doesn’t react with the fresh incision and keeps the hole fresh and active. While you remove them before the ear is healed completely, it may lead to closure or probably infection resulting in more pain.

Keep your hands away

While you find the feeling of the newly pierced ears to be exciting, touching it makes things worse. No matter how good it feels or probably how badly it itches, do not touch it whenever you feel like. Professionals for ear piercing and brow tattoo in Adelaide agree that if it is an extremity and you have to touch it to soothe the itch you could wash your hand with an antibacterial soap and then touch it. That would prevent contaminants from your fingers to transfer.

Do not wear scarves or hats

Scarves and hats that cover the ears can get tangled and thus tug on the piercing and lead to infection. There is the need for proper air circulation and nothing that covers the area and therefore you could try avoiding the use of such accessories for the time being until it is healed well. This could also happen when you are changing clothes and removing it around your head that would lead to accidental snags, and therefore there is the need to be conscious about your activities.  

Avoid cosmetic contamination

While you are shampooing or probably washing your face, shampoo or soap can touch the ear while causing infection to multiply especially when the chemical residue stays behind. The same could happen when you are out swimming, and the chlorine-infused water could harm the incision. Making use of shower caps or probably ear caps while bathing or swimming could help you to protect the incision. Despite such preventive measure, there may be leaks, and while such happens, you are to cleanse the ears well with clear water and allow it to dry.

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