When Do You Need a Dallas Business Lawyer?

Posted by juliabennet on July 20th, 2011

As a business owner in Dallas, it could be possible that you have already been involved in a business lawsuit or just considering bringing your legal problem to a business lawyer. And it could also be possible that you have questions in your mind about working with a Dallas business attorney.  Among the questions constantly asked themselves by owners who are starting or are already running a small business is:  is there really a need to hire a Dallas business lawyer?   Small entrepreneurs work with attorneys for a number of reasons which include among others the purchase or lease or sale of a property, compliance with labor laws, tax preparation and other matters important to business functions.

A Dallas business attorney, just like attorneys from other states, charge high rates of at least $200 on per hour basis, and small businesses do not have much resource within which to pay the attorney’s fees.  Because of this, most small business owners in Dallas only hire the services of a Dallas business lawyer when they are faced with a legal problem.  An example is when they want to sue a supplier for breach of contract.  It is only then that they will try to find a business attorney to help them iron out this legal issue.

If you are in Dallas and needs legal help for your small business, you can easily find Dallas business lawyers are experienced with and have a wide knowledge of issues that surround the running of a business. These are professional people, experts in a wide range of legal problems including copyright and trademark issues, tax and employment laws.  The bigger law firms have Dallas business attorneys with specialization on particular areas.

So, do you or do you not need to have a Dallas business lawyer to help you out in running your business?  Of course you don’t need the services of an attorney in every step of managing and controlling your business.  There are business matters that can be easily done and there are issues that can be easily resolved by you.  BUT, if you want peace of mind, or a certain task is very hard for you to tackle by yourself, a Dallas business attorney can surely help.

What about business matters that is too complex to deal with, besides too time consuming and full of liability issues?  Following are some examples.

•    Employees suing you on the grounds of hostile working environment, discrimination in hiring and terminating services.  These employees can be former, current or prospective ones.
•    When your business becomes investigated by government entities for alleged violation of any law.
•    When your business’ name is involved in an environmental issue.  You might be penalized even if your firm did not cause the problem.
•    When you are selling your company and you cannot handle the negotiations; or you want to buy another company and its assets.

These are only examples of the business problems where you really need to get a Dallas business attorney or a Dallas business lawyer.  If your business is well funded and you feel that you need the services of a lawyer, you can consider retaining the services of an attorney to help you with everything on the above list and more.

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