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Posted by Led Stadium on October 22nd, 2017

The LED flood lights are of today’s trend to meet the growing demand for high quality and shadow less lighting. They are energy saving and eco-friendly. It consumes just 20% of the energy when compared to traditional metal halide flood lights.

You can choose the flood light 400W for lighting needs in municipalities, collegiate, high schools, shopping malls, marine environments, and streets. The LED flood lights are available with intelligent controls like dimming, rugged and rigid option for long-term lighting at affordable rates.

It provides higher lumens per watt when compared to traditional lights. The features of Ace 400 Watts LED flood lights include light efficiency of 140 lm/W at a power rating of 400 Watts and overall lumens of 56000. It is an equivalent of 900 to 1100 Watts metal halides. Its body dimensions are 568.8 mm x 393.4 mm x 75 mm. It is manufactured using 10 W individual chips.

Its applications include Stadium lighting, Hokey LED lighting, street lighting in ports, LED lighting in Airports, Golf LED lighting, Tunnel LED lighting, high mast lighting, Highways LED lighting and Tennis LED lighting.

Stadium Flood Lights

Sports establishments can choose high quality Stadium Flood Lights for lighting every corner of the sports field; ensure clear visibility for the players and broadcasters alike. They eliminate shadowing and come with dimmable and broad angled lighting options. They are affordable and long lasting.

The operating voltage of the LED drivers is between 90V and 295VAC, 50-60 Hz. Its features include low UGR and excellent optical design, improved lighting efficiency, optical lens, enhanced heat dissipation to provide consistent lighting for the entire life span, modular design, waterproof, storage temperature of -40 degrees centigrade to +80 degrees centigrade, and no flickering. The optional beaming angles are 25 degrees, 10 degrees, 120 degrees, 90 degrees, 40 degrees and 60 degrees.

It can operate in the RH range of 10% and 90%. Its operating temperature is between -25 degrees and +60 degrees centigrade. It uses polycarbonate lenses for improved projection. It is of light weight and facilitates easy mounting on the existing poles.

You can seek the help of professional contractors for estimation of the number of LED panels required for stadium lighting. The electrical contractors also have contacts with local LED panel vendors to get the LED supplies at reduced rates. They will also help to correctly locate the panels to ensure maximum lighting with less number of panels and saves cost.

Alternatively, you can get quotes from more than three LED suppliers, compare the costs, quality and electrical specifications and choose the best panels for your stadium lighting needs.

You can get the quote by specifying the details like name, email, phone, country, subject and message at online stores. It is suggested to read the specifications of the LED lights, panels etc before deciding to order the LED supplies online. You need to check the refund or replacement policy in case defective supplies are delivered.

LED lights use SMPS to deliver 95% efficiency. It has a high ground reach and provides cool light.


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