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Posted by Baba Travel on October 22nd, 2017

Singapore has emerged as the most popular island city of Southern Malaysia. The island country showcases a beautiful blend of culture, art, cuisines and architecture. With the developing time, the city has emerged as a financial hub which boosts the economy. To cater a planned trip to Singapore there are various travel agencies in Singapore which provide a complete package to guide around the city.

The garden city attracts tourist every year for its clean and wide roads, gigantic skyscrapers, beautiful gardens a blend of ethnicity and modernity. Apart from the rich culture, the citizens of Singapore abide by the strict laws and regulations. Abiding by the rules is a crucial factor while walking down the streets of the island country because spitting on the road can also land up in the jail.

Thus if you’re planning to travel to Singapore then before booking your flight passes keep a check on these things.

Beware of the CCTV cameras

In Singapore, every corner is captured under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. To avoid any crimes and violation of rules and regulations the cameras keep an eye on the citizens at every minute. The installation of CCTV cameras has lowered the crime rates thus be aware of the constant surveillance.

No Littering

Singapore is a place which swears on cleanliness and there are strict laws for the citizens to abide. There is strict restriction on littering of wrappers and garbage on the street. The person can be hauled by the cops and heavy penalty or punishment will be charged on the guilty. The citizens are also not allowed to chew gum and spill it on the streets of Singapore.

Get used to Singlish

Singlish or Singaporean English is a real thing in this island country. You can stay relieved because to visit Singapore there is no need to learn Chinese because the citizens can speak and understand English with a slight change like using can and cannot instead of yes and no.

Alcohol is an expensive affair

If you’re planning to go and chug down a few drinks at the lounges in Singapore, then you have to think twice. Enjoying alcohol in the city ends up an expensive affair as they are levied with a heavy tax.

No tips for service 

It is generous effort to leave a tip on the table for the service acquired. But every country has different rules and regulations for returning compensation to the service staff. In Singapore, it is not allowed to tip the staff for the services. The service charge is often charged along with the bill.

Apart from these rules and regulations to follow a well-known Singapore travel agency can make your trip a less hectic vacation. They are capable of planning an enticing travel package for the tourists and make a complete list of places to explore in the city. Thus, before taking your flight to Singapore research and contact a trusted travel agency to visit and explore every corner of the city and enjoy the nightlife like never before.

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