Time to Consider a Travel Plan to Not-So Popular yet Important Locations

Posted by adairsawyer on July 21st, 2011

Planning for your next travel can be a difficult activity. There are hundreds of popular resort cities, financial centers and chic capitals that are recommended by travel agents, and for sure choosing which one to prioritize is stressful. If you are still new to travelling especially in the field of international travel, you have to be ready to work and prepare hard. There are important things to consider as well, for example deciding on where to travel and spend your precious weekend away from the demands of work. If you are at this stage and you want help in deciding what place should be visited, it’s recommended to check out some travel forums and websites. These are the perfect places to visit if your list is still blank and if you are still looking for options and inspiration.

If you are looking for adventure and not your usual vacation ideas, consider the not-so popular destinations that are recommended by a lot of people. Sometimes, you’ll get the best amount of adventure and rest and recreation if you go for places that are not frequently visited by the usual flyers and travelers. One destination spot that is starting to get noticed is The Ajanta Caves’ in India. Though not Taj Mahal that is known to many travelers, this is a group of hidden caves, 29 hidden caves to be exact. Located under the hills of Sayhari, the caves feature intricate carvings that tell the story of Buddhism. The carvings tell the story of Shakyamuni Buddha who is former prince who became a hermit and established ancient religions. This travel spot is not only perfect for those who just want to relax, but rather perfect for the travelers wanting to commune with nature and understand the history of the area.

Travelling to discover the not-so popular yet important travel spots? Consider what the sights and sounds of what Algeria has to offer. There are a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites that are found in this country that are worthy of a visit. Some of these areas worth your time include the fortification Beni Hammad, the Roman Ruins of Djemila, the Old City Tipasa to name just a few. If you will include this country in your future travelling plans, make sure that you consider checking out the National Museum of Art and the Ethnographic and Local Art Museum.

For those travelling in Europe, an undiscovered gem that tells a rich history should be considered and this is Alfama. This is the area where one can find the surviving ruins of the old Lisbon. Continue your historical immersion with a visit to Barakesh in Yemen. The area is known for the ancient ruins, and one can marvel at the well-preserved and fortified city wall. Within the city are a number of ‘smaller ruins; that are worth checking out. Some of these ruins that travelers can visit include the ruin of the mosque and the watch tower on the Incense Route and also the Islamic lookout tower.

There are other important places worth checking and visiting other than the usual glittery capitals and financial centers, and these travel locations tell a story. From time to time, travelling should be made to these places to understand the past and how cultures changed and transformed.

Time to consider the not-so popular destination spots for your travelling plans. Planning your travel to these locations can help you understand history more, and appreciate different cultures.

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