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Posted by adairsawyer on July 21st, 2011

There’s this common thinking that theoretical astronomy and the study of solar astronomy is higher learning. In short, many people are saying that this is a difficult discipline and that the subject is difficult to learn and comprehend. But don’t let the theories and other higher concepts prevent you from discovering the world outside this planet. There are things to discover in space, systems to appreciate and you can make your education simpler by checking helpful websites and by turning to institutions when it comes to these topics. And more importantly, slowly getting into the subject will help you understand what makes this planet habitable in the first place.

Solar astronomy is but part of the study of theoretical astronomy. This is simply the astronomy of the sun. This means that all aspects of the sun, from the way it behaves to the kind of energy that goes with it are covered under this form of astronomy. But for other information concerning space, other planets, satellites and the billions of systems in the universe, these are all covered under theoretical astronomy. In the most technical sense, this will refer to the studies of the objects and other matters that are found outside the planet’s atmosphere. This also covers the study of the physical and the chemical properties of these objects and matters.

In order to facilitate the study of matters and objects in space, astronomers will have to use some highly important and advanced astronomical tools. Some of the important tools that are used include the polytropes and this is used to approximate the behavior of the star and the computational numerical simulations. The latter is used to find out the presence of phenomena and other effects found on space that are not normally seen. Astronomers would also make use of theoretical models, and will find out the observational consequences of these.

But perhaps the most popular tool (or equipment) that is used by astronomers that is known to ordinary people is the telescope. And for sure this is the first tool or equipment that will come to mind of people when they hear the words theoretical astronomy. Right now, there are three different types of telescopes that are used for the study of matters and objects in space. These are the Catadioptrics, Newtonian Reflectors and Refractors.

All these types of telescopes are used to collect and focus the light so that it can be magnified and recorded. Each type of telescope that is used for solar astronomy has its own advantages. The Catadioptric type is a bit expensive. This makes use of mirrors and lenses in order to magnify the light many times before it can hit the eyes of the observer. The Newtonian reflector telescopes are user-friendly and can be used by kids when discovering objects in space. And there’s refractor telescopes that makes use of combination of lenses in order to generate larger images.

Thanks to these tools and equipments, the study of theoretical astronomy and solar astronomy has been made easier. And with user-friendly telescopes available right now, even an ordinary person can start his research on the heavenly bodies as well.

Solar astronomy Solar astronomy and theoretical astronomy are complex topics but given the right astronomy tools and equipments researchers, astronomers and ordinary students can learn a thing or two about space. Examples of these equipments are the common telescopes.

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