Green Buildings: A New Way to Preserve Natural Resources

Posted by adairsawyer on July 21st, 2011

For many years now, the construction of houses has become less complex; thanks to the new concepts and trends that were developed. And usually, the most functional properties and houses are made and designed using new concepts and futuristic designs. And with the use of software and new technologies, architects and engineers now find it easy to build customized buildings and architectures. Right now, modern house designs, metal buildings and Islamic architectures are the emerging trends in house construction. Green buildings or eco buildings are starting to pick up as well, and these are now part of the emerging trends in construction.

How different are the green buildings and eco buildings from the usual construction projects? Green buildings or sometimes called eco buildings are getting popular, thanks mainly to the sweeping movement to go ‘green’. Consider this as a method of constructing environment-friendly houses. The aim of this new technology is to design houses while reducing the overall impact of the built on environment, on human health and on natural environment. The process includes efficiency in using energy, water, and other resources; protecting occupant’s health, improving the productivity of employees and reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation. Simply put, you can say that this is one good option for those wanting to have their own house.

Just like the other types of house construction, a number of fundamental construction principles are used and a few more. Some of these principles include structure design efficiency, energy efficiency, material efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality enhancement, waste and toxic reduction and lastly, operations and maintenance optimization. 

Green buildings concept is similar to natural building which is usually smaller in scale, and makes use of natural materials available in the vicinity. Eco buildings like those seen in urban areas, emphasize the use of renewable resources like sunlight through the use of green roofs, rain gardens and the like. Many other techniques are adopted such as using gravel or permeable concrete instead of asphalt to enhance the replacement of ground water.

On the aesthetic side, green architecture is the guiding principle of designing green buildings. There are several steps in designing eco buildings. These includes optimizing the systems, identifying 'green' materials, reduce loads, and generate renewable energy on-site. Interior design is also inspired with this green architecture.

Simply put, these types of buildings make use of sustainable materials and adopt sustainable designs. But the problem with this kind of project is that this is more expensive than the usual and traditional way of constructing houses. And because the construction cost of these projects is high, then it can be expected that the cost of acquisition or the selling price of eco buildings and green buildings will be high as well. But in the long run, these are good investments. If these buildings are to be sold again in the market then these will fetch higher prices. And because this is green, you’ll be confident that you are actually doing your share in promoting the conservation of the environment.

Green technology is a great way to create beautiful modern houses without exploiting our natural resources. Look for green buildings and eco buildings when researching on future houses.

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