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Get the best alkaline water and ionized water at home with Jinnys water Ionizers

Posted by jinnys on October 23rd, 2017

Jinnys Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of alkaline ionized water machines. The company explored the export markets since 1998 to establish its presence internationally. We aspire to provide products and services of higher quality through constant R&D and quality control. This aspiration is based on the corporate spirits of ensuring a safe and healthy drinking water for all our customers. By doing so, we hope to deliver customer satisfaction on a continuous and long-term basis.

As always, we will do our best to be the most respected manufacturer and marketer of alkaline ionized water machines. Constant R&D, quality control and design development will be our top priorities, which will hopefully make us a leader in the export markets in the future. We plan to tap the overseas markets for alkaline ionized water machines by targeting the US, Europe and other regions where people buy drinking water since tap water contains lots of lime materials. We will highlight our unique competitive advantages, improve the weaknesses and continuously work towards raising product quality and competitiveness.

We offer products like under counter water ionizer, water ionizer filter, water ionizer parts and countertop water ionizer system in Korea and also supply them to many countries.


  • Dimension(cm): 35.0 * 35.0 * 15.0
  • Net weight / Gross weight(kg): 5.5kg / 7.3kg
  • pH Range: 3.0 ~ 11.0
  • Filter type: Dual filter type
  • Filter lifetime: 1st : 6months (4,000ℓ), 2nd : 12 months (8,000ℓ)
  • Display type: Big 7 Color LCD Screen
  • pH values : Alkaline : 4stage, Acidic : 4stage, Clean water
  • Washing: Automatic cleaning
  • Electrolysis Chamber material: Platinum coated Titanium
  • Electrolysis Electrodes (Number of Plates): 9
  • UV Lamp: Included

Uses for Purified Water (Drink for baby)

  • clean water
  • pH Water : 7.0
  • Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness. Clean water is delicious drinking water.
  • Children: Use purified water a pH of 7.0 when preparing baby food.
  • When the purify button is pressed, purified water will be dispensed from the bottom and top spouts.

To know more about Jinnys, the leading water ionizer parts in Korea, visit

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