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Posted by markbenson on July 23rd, 2011

If you want to make money with AdSense you need to treat it the same way you would any other type of niche marketing - you want to narrow that niche down as far as possible. You want to find the micro-niche that's going to make you the money. For newcomers to Internet Marketing, let's take a look at the differences between a topic, a niche and a micro niche site.

What is a topic?

A topic is a broad term - like gardening, budgeting, books, toys, health, etc. You might be interested in gardening and you might think that's a good idea for an micro niche adsense blog or website.But millions upon millions of other people are also interested in gardening in general and they've also built blogs or websites about it that you're going to have to compete with. You need a narrow focal point for your site.

What is a micro niche sites ?

A niche is a section of a topic. For example, you might be interested in growing roses and that would be a sub-topic under gardening. It's a narrower topic for sure, but there are still millions of people - and competing websites - that talk about growing roses. So you need to focus even tighter.

What is a micro-niche?

To find a micro niche  fills you want to drill down in your topic as far as you can go and still find enough searchers to make it worth your while. For example, if you've decided you want to blog about something related to growing roses, maybe you'll find that there's less competition if you blog strictly about climbing roses, or heirloom roses, etc.

What is your goal?

Your goal with your blog is to provide information so people will be encouraged to click on your money links. And your information has to be solid, and good so it will hold your readers on the page and let them know that you're an authority on your niche. If you try to cover an entire topic, like gardening, you'll never be able to provide all the information that people may be looking for. Let's say that searcher is looking for information about growing heirloom roses and they come to your gardening blog. You may very well have one article about heirloom roses but you certainly
won't have all the information they need because you have so many other things to blog about.So

what are they going to do?

They're going to leave your blog and find the information they want somewhere else. But if your entire blog were about nothing other than heirloom roses, chances are they're going to stick around and either join your list, buy your product or click on your micro niche micro niche websites ads. Either way - YOU WINBeamer M. Anderson is a freelance SEO content writer specializing in the How to Make Money Online niche. She covers a variety of topics for Examiner.com and Blogcritics.org and she's also available to write for your website. Contact her at White Hat Writing for all your article needs.

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