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Posted by Adam Cruse on October 23rd, 2017

A passionate travel lover, always on the go? Don’t know whether you’ll bring back what you take with you? Do friends make a fuss about your hefty and extensive packing for short-trips or vacations, and weight is a real concern for you when traveling to distant places? The collection of lightweight soft sided luggage is a must-see for you, in that case.

Other advantages of soft sided luggage -
- Easier to squeeze into small pieces, like luggage racks
- Cheaper than their hard case counterparts
- More durable and ease of carrying
- Offers extra pocket spaces for easy access to important items and documents
- Style statement

Hard Side vs. Soft Side Luggage - Preferences
Soft side luggage is more flexible than hard side carriers, this means it’s much simpler for pieces to fit into tight spaces or collapse down some to allow for extra space for other bags. Additionally, soft-side luggage is more readily available with an expandable feature and are suitable for travellers who intend to bring back more than they left with.

Many soft side luggage options preserve the soft-side look despite the fact they have reinforced shells that sit just beneath the exterior fabric. So, the exterior is able to stand up to some use despite the soft sides, and is relatively strong and durable. Inflexibility offered by the hard cases can prove to be an issue when you need a little bit more out of your bag. For example, you are racing down the airport, just in the nick of time, an extra side pocket would be really essential to stuff in your boarding pass, ticket, charger, and other emergency stuff. A hardened suitcase would mean that you need to carry a small bag separately, creating more distress.

So, browse the online stores and look for some impeccable lightweight soft-sided luggage to make your travel an easy and comfortable feat!

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