Advantages of Using Flexible Circuits

Posted by megapluspcb on October 23rd, 2017

These circuits can be flexible, rigid flexible boards, single layer, dual side, or multilayer. Each of these circuits gives certain specific advantages that counts for their popularity.

Extensive Use of Flex Circuits
Electronic devices are integral part of the everyday lives of people. These devices need circuits to connect with the source of electricity. Such device can be anything from a cell phone through large TV sets and even automobiles. In recent times all these devices include flexible and printed circuit boards.  These can be rigid flex circuits or some other forms like multilayer or F4 flex circuits. Objective of using them is the same getting electrical connectivity for the devices depending on them.

Advantages of Flexible Circuits
Some of the major advantages of the flex circuit boards are that they are efficient and at the same time lightweight and easy to use. It is the elastic nature of the flex circuits that is the greatest advantage for the end user. For instance; the Multilayer flex circuits are ideal for the devices that need 3 axes connections. PCBs with flex circuits save over 60% of the cost as well as space used by traditional rigid circuit boards. The flex PCBs also use three dimensional designs eliminating the need for the connectors and can have as many as two hundred thousand bending circles. Since these circuits are lightweight they can considerably absorb as well as reduce the impacts of vibrations even on the solder joints existent in the connections created. They can also be used in harsh climatic conditions as they are water, moisture, shock, corrosion, and temperature resistant.

Advantages of Rigid Flexible Circuits
Major advantages of suing rigid flexible circuits are that they can be internal or external. They offer great design flexibility but they contain much more number of materials in comparison to simple flexible circuits. Such materials can be polyimide, solder mask, photo image-able covers, pressure sensitive materials, copper, acrylic and epoxy among others. They are extensively used in defense and healthcare industries.

Whether one uses simple flex circuits or some more complex rigid versions like Rigid F4 circuits the advantage always is getting seamless electrical connectivity. Only the product obtained must be authentic and qualitative that only a genuine provider can offer.

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