Frontline Plus and Comfortis are proven effective for flea and tick treatment.

Posted by AngeloEverton on July 25th, 2011

Fleas and ticks are rarely a problem for non-pet lovers, but if you love furry pets such as domestic dogs and cats they can become your worst problem. Getting rid of fleas and ticks can be a sure challenge. Most likely you will also have to deal with the dilemma of looking for the best flea and tick treatment available on the market. The good news is that pet supply manufacturers such as Frontline Plus and Comfortis have come up with effective flea control products carrying their respective names. These products are a good remedy to fleas and ticks.

Each product gives the guarantee of killing the fleas and ticks present in your precious pet. The pesticide kills eggs and larvae which consequently prevents the growth of pests in all stages of development.  Frontline Plus is a brand of flea and tick killer that is approved for use in puppies 8 weeks and older.  The product is also safe for use on breeding, pregnant and lactating bitches. When you are applying the product on your pet, make sure that you keep your pet’s eyes out for any discomfort that may be experienced like itching or a burning sensation. Once you get rid of fleas and ticks, your pet will definitely be able to go back to his normal routine while looking fresh and energetic.

Another flea and tick treatment available on the market today is a chewable and beef flavored tablet that is marketed under the brand name Comfortis. The anti-parasitic ingredient in each tablet can prevent and kill fleas in dogs and puppies 14 weeks or older. The tablet circulates into the bloodstream and kills the pests when they bite. Since this product is orally taken and goes directly into the system, you need to always read the label instructions before using the product for your dog. Also, it makes sense to always consult your veterinarian first as the pet expert may have to examine your pet first especially that this particular pest control is taken orally.

Fleas and ticks live on their host, but eggs can spread out anywhere, to your carpet, beddings, clothes or couch. These eggs usually hatch in one to two weeks which can accumulate and lead to a mass infestation if not properly treated. Until all of the fleas in your home have died, some immature forms may still continue to develop and fully grow into adult pests again. Both Frontline Plus and Comfortis are proven and tested to be an effective flea and tick treatment for your four-legged buddy.

If your pet has fleas or ticks, it can quickly turn into a major health issue. Bites of these pests can make your pet anemic making him more vulnerable to a much more severe problem. Furthermore, your pet can also become infected with tapeworms when he happens to ingest an infected flea. The benefits of these flea and tick control products yield best results when you keep your home, both indoor and outdoor, clean all the time. As the old adage goes-- prevention is always better than cure.

If you wish to keep your pet healthy and well groomed there are different flea and tick treatment products you should look into. The main ones include Frontline Plus and Comfortis.

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