Learn more about citronella bark collars to stop your dog from constant barking

Posted by AngeloEverton on July 26th, 2011

 Barking is a way of communication in dogs. While it can warn you of potential dangers especially at night, it can also get too annoying for you and your neighbors if barking becomes uncontrollable. When it gets too frustrating, you are likely to punish your dog in the most undesirable way. However, one thing you should need to consider is using citronella dog collars to train your dog rather than imposing harsh punishment. After all, bark collars have become popular these days as a dog training tool. Let’s take a closer look at this type of bark control device and determine why it is considered to be the most sought after remedy for nuisance barking.

In general, training a dog to shut down extreme barking can either be fun or frustrating. In this existing height of technological innovation, different types of bark collars have been invented to help pet owners correct their dogs barking problem with ease. While some bark control collars, such as shock and static based, are said to be cruel forms of punishment, many pet owners have come to patronize the nontoxic citronella dog collars.

Citronella dog collars are designed to release a quick scent of natural oil of lemon to distract dogs from barking. The oil is extracted from a cultivated grass which is extensively used for fragrances all throughout the world. While people find the smell of citronella pleasant, insects and animals repel to the scent, thus it is frequently utilized to deter dogs from barking. Bark collars such as spray make use of vibration that is produced when a dog is barking. The unit senses the vibration of the vocal cords which then emits a scented spray to distract the dog from constant woofing. Eventually, the dog will associate the unpleasant smell to his barking habit, hence training becomes successful.

You would not want to hurt your dog in any way despite of his constant barking, and that is why you resort to buying a citronella based spray collar. For this reason, you certainly would not want your pet to feel uncomfortable while wearing the anti bark collar. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for you to make the right choice from the huge selection of citronella dog collars available on the market these days. And before you install any bark control collars on your dog, make sure that you read the instruction manual first to determine how to safely administer the unit.

Also, when you are training your dog not to bark too often using any of the bark collars available aftermarket nowadays, always pay attention to your dog’s reaction over the scent of citronella or any other repellant used to remedy barking. Make sure that your dog stays comfortable despite attaching the spray on his neck. If allergic reactions exist, immediately consult your veterinarian to rule out diagnosis. If all is well with the collar, you need to spend time teaching your pet the proper behavior that you want him to adopt. You will surely be a lot happier and less stressed out when you and your neighbors stop complaining about your dog’s aggressive barking.

Training a dog to behave well is not easy. If you are looking for a massive selection of citronella dog collars, you can browse our website and get helpful information about some of the most trusted brands for bark collars!

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