Find out how to train your dog successfully at home.

Posted by AngeloEverton on July 26th, 2011

When you are thinking of an effective approach on how to train your dog to be well mannered at home, you must definitely consider making use of electric dog collars. Not only that such training aid can help dogs adopt tricks and commands faster, it can likewise instill discipline and obedience in them. Consequently, dog obedience training is very essential particularly when you like your dog to properly behave at home.

Answering the question “how to train your dog” can be as easy as making use of a shock collar.  Training your dog to roll over, sit, lay down, and to come when called are only few of the many commands that you want him to learn at home. Whenever your dog wants something like going in or out the door, use it as an opportunity to teach him new command and stick to the routine until the dog learns the certain command.

While treats and praises can help boost your dog’s eagerness to be trained, these tools are oftentimes preserved until your pet has learned something from the dog obedience training. When you think that you have tried your best but still failed to teach your dog the proper behavior that you want him to adopt, it gets too frustrating to a certain point that you can impose harsh punishments on him. However, remember that slapping, hitting, or yelling at your pet will never help both parties while on the course of training. Dogs have excellent memories, particularly when abused, hence inhumane punishments will only make them further rebel.

Punishing dogs harshly can only create a relationship based on fear. This is why you should never impose physical and even verbal abuse on him particularly when things get so frustrating. Instead, think of another approach on how to train your dog in a more relaxed way. Training your dog with a shock collar is a good alternative to harsh punishments, as long as guidelines are properly followed. Electric dog collars are proven to be effective for dog obedience training sessions over the years. While training, you should immediately correct your dog when he inappropriately behaves.

When you are training your dog using a shock collar, make sure that you also carry the transmitter with you so you can immediately administer shocks every time your dog misbehaves. However, do not let your dog see that you are using a handheld correction device as you do not want him to relate the shock to the device and neither to you. Also, it is important that you start the shock at the lowest level while increasing the intensity if your dog is still not responsive to your commands.

Let’s face it training a dog to be well mannered at home is a big task especially if you have a non-responsive dog or one that barks too much. This is where electric dog collars can be really helpful. Apart from this device, it is also helpful that you solicit essential dog obedience training advices from professional dog trainers on how to train your dog efficiently. Besides treats, shock collars, and advices from experts, there are also some great books out there that can help you get your dog properly behaved at home.

Have you invited your friends to a house party only to be embarrassed by your dog’s inappropriate behavior and you immediately wondered how to train your dog effectively? Worry no more! Electric dog collars will help you make your task easier!

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