What are the grinding equipments for calcium carbonate micro grinding?

Posted by yoyocrusher on October 24th, 2017

China's annual production capacity of calcium carbonate in the continuous growth, although growth is very fast, but there are still many problems, many manufacturers of equipment production capacity, industrial scale and product finishing degree is low, the main reason is the technological level of processing equipment is relatively backward, the technical level of heavy calcium carbonate processing equipment in our country also needs further promotion, Cory Rick introduced the ultrafine grinding technology of calcium carbonate to produce high purity, good whiteness, high activity, its quality has reached the required standard at home and abroad.

Production of calcium carbonate is divided into dry and wet two, for calcium carbonate, the process is different, different product types, methods of dry processing called heavy calcium carbonate, relative to the wet processing of light calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate production will be bigger, low cost and simple technology. In the processing of physical and chemical properties change with the powder of enhanced activity, with the development of superfine grinding technology and the technical and economic performance, price competition. Ultra fine heavy calcium carbonate instead of calcium carbonate has become the trend of development. To this end, we adopted the dry process ultra-fine grinding process route.

The whole process of calcium carbonate grinding process can choose different types of ultrafine mill , the production process of the ultra-fine powder system in the vacuum state, the bulk of talc after grinding to reach desired fineness, through the material will be sent to the host indoor grinding, its finished product size to meet the requirements of TSP powder fineness on the market that has become the most important raw material for manufacturing industry. Micro grinding, super fine grinding, vertical milling machines and other equipment has a good effect in the processing of grinding of heavy calcium carbonate, so as to realize the different functions of the fine heavy calcium powder, in the realization of resources and the additional value of the products at the same time, taking into account the social and business benefits.

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