Skin Purging Fact Or Myth?

Posted by molanparker on October 24th, 2017

Skin Purging:

You must have heard of skin purging, acne flaring, or spots induced by new skincare products. The theory behind skin purging is that when you start to use a new skin care product, before reaching the stage promised by the commercials, the skin has to go through an adjusting stage.

This adjusting stage ismanifested by spots, no pain, no gain right? But the question is, do we really have to go through this phase? Is skin purging a myth or reality? Should we really expect our skin to break out when starting a new cosmeceutical? Can this be an allergic reaction or a breakout? We will find out the answers to all of these questions in this article.

What is Skin Purging?

Skin purging is described as a rapid increase in the number of breakouts people typically experience as a result of using a new skincare product. Mostoften it is detailed as the skin pushing our all of the impurities and harmful substances accumulated in it-rapidly. Substances that would have come to the surface of the skin much later, but by using the new skincare product the process has been accelerated.

The key to understanding the process is that the skin should only purge with alimited type of ingredients and this is a foolproof way of distinguishing whether a person is going through skin purging or a non-compatible breakout with the product. Another way to confirm whether it’s a breakout or a purge is thata purge will wear off within 2 to 4 weeks. It’s a one-shot reaction similar to alcohol withdrawal symptoms, whilethe breakouts persist unless the person discontinues the product use.

The theory behind skin purging:

The foundation of breakoutsis laid before any visible sign can be seen on the skin surface. What we see on the surface in the form of an angry cyst or a white bulge is the final stage of that breakout. The first step begins deep below the epidermis like this:

•    Our skin secretes sebum which is a natural moisturiser. All skin types cansecrete it, while oily skin is on top of the rate of secretion.

•    The dead skin cells, which are supposed to be dropped off are trapped inside the pores due to the sticky sebum.

•    With time, the collection becomes more substantial as more dead skin cells get trapped inside.

•    After a while, bacteria present in the air attack these pores and feast on the dead cells.

•    This is where the immune response of the body jumps in, it senses the bacteria and attacks them, stimulating inflammation. This inflammation is manifested on the surface of theskin in the form of a cyst or acne.

Skin care products which accelerate the natural rate of exfoliation cause more dead cells to accumulate inside the pores, this speeds up the formation of spots on the skin. This process becomes worse if the skin is suffering from inflammatory acne. Once the skin adjusts to its new rate of exfoliation and all the plugs have been purged out, the breakout cycle ends. This is the actual theory behind the purging process, and it takes around a month to complete. The products which have anti-acne agents usually stimulate the purging process. Dermatologists can overcome this process by incorporating an antibiotic into the skin care regimen for a limited period of time.

Theantibiotic will eliminate the bacteria that feast on the dead cells, therefore stopping the body’s inflammatory response.

How can you be sure its skin purging?

This is the most critical section of this article, how to be sure that its skin purging and not an allergic reaction to the new product. The whole theory of skin purging is based on the increased rate of exfoliation, so if your new product has the following ingredients and is resulting in a breakout cycle, then it’s definitely skin purging:

•    Alpha hydroxy acids
•    Beta hydroxy acids
•    Vitamin A derivatives
•    Vitamin C derivatives
•    Linoleic acid high oils (rosehip, grapeseed, etc.)
•    Physical exfoliants (brushes, scrubs, muslin cloths, etc.)

In addition to checking the ingredient list for exfoliants in case of breakouts, you also need to check for other signs of irritation and redness to be sure of the skin purging.

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