How To Watch Us Netflix In Canada

Posted by Siva Kulkarni on October 24th, 2017

If you are reading this article, you are a person based in Canada who is extremely frustrated with the choices you see on your Netflix. You wish you were in the USA instead where Netflix offered you a seven course meal instead of just crumbs and starters. It is true – the choice of entertainment options on Netflix in the USA is more extensive than probably anywhere else in the world. Since you wish to access this Pandora’s Box of goodies, let’s see how you can do that.

If you don’t know about VPN, then you know nothing, Jon Snow. VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the single most utilitarian thing invented for the Internet; something that has paradoxical applications – a power that is great in good hands, and destructive in bad hands. It can also be used for small, everyday applications like accessing Netflix for shows that are not meant to stream where you live…which is what we shall be concentrating on. Here is a little explanation on how VPNs allow you to view the USA Netflix in Canada.

• VPNs, by encrypting all your traffic, help in preventing snooping on your data by hackers or the internet police…or in this case, Netflix patrol.

• Whatever you do online through a VPN shall remain anonymous, allowing you to practically access anything without fear – be it blocked, allowed, hidden or whatever.

• Through a VPN, you can access all the content of the country where the VPN is situated. So technically, sitting in Canada, if you attach to a VPN in the USA, you get to access Netflix of the USA.

• Some VPN providers take their services and customer satisfaction very seriously, and have just upped the market bar. These providers give their users the power to make themselves appear as operating from any part of the world they wish to – thus tricking Netflix into showing them that content.

• VPN can deal with problems like DNS Hijacking and Transparent Proxy. This gives you an advantage when you reside closer to rural areas.

The best convenience that VPN offers is that if you wish to stop using it, all you have to do is disconnect. Could things get any better? Rid yourself of all worries now, and register with a VPN provider to watch all your favorite USA shows in Canada on Netflix.

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