Creating Your Favourite Blank Space At Home

Posted by Sophia Addison on October 24th, 2017

Having your own creative space at home is like a dream come true. Art is about freedom, and having the chance and liberty to experience that kind of freedom at home is something more than you can ask for. It might amaze you just how there is so much opportunity all around you to unleash your skill and your talents. And when it comes to art, there is so much more than just colour and canvas.

Wall or Board? Or Both?

Did you know that you can turn any one of those walls in your home; in the living or in the bedroom, into your very own private blank space on which you could just draw, scribble or make intricate designs of your choice whenever you feel like? With whiteboard paint, you can now use your wall like a smooth, blank, huge white board that you could draw on, rub off, and draw again! Isn’t that amazing? You wouldn’t need to make a separate restricted area in your home where you’d need to keep sheets and rolls of drawing paper and canvases anymore. Instead, you’d only need to figure out which one of those dozen walls around the inside of your house could prove the most convenient or perhaps, the most visible, and have it coated with the ‘magic paint’ we are talking about.

Fun for Kids

Guess who’s going to get double excited than you are? Those cheeky little monsters of yours, of course! Kids may develop the habit of scribbling on the walls at an age as young as two or three! Some of them may do it just for fun, out of habit or curiosity, while some might do it out of pure love and passion for art, and finding so large a space to just release it on might just drive them crazy. Either way, what you would do in this kind of situation is look for a ‘friendly’ solution, or you now know just what it might be!

Wall Choice

If you want to get the proper experience of freedom, you would look at a couple of factors before you could decide which wall you’d want transformed into your favourite creative space. The surface of the wall would ideally need to be smooth and free of any kind of texture or print, in other words, it should make the perfect whiteboard. You’d also want to think about location and convenience. There may be times when you’d want the space to be completely hidden away, especially from guests, while sometimes you’d want it to be open to the world and the first thing that someone would see as he walks into your home. It all depends, and so you’d need to make your choice that supports your preference.

Being able to have a wall of freedom inside one’s home can be the most exciting thing for creative moms and bubs. Imagine how much fun it would be working their skills at it together, squealing and hopping with excitement and delight? On witnessing that, you might even realize that choosing to paint that wall was one of the best decisions you’d made for your beautiful family.

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