Stop the Problem of Scalding with Thermostatic Shower Mixers

Posted by juliamarks82 on July 28th, 2011

If you are the type of person who likes to know what he is getting – shower-wise, that is – in the bathroom, then thermostatic shower mixers are for you. Waking up and taking a nice warm bath to jump start your day never included being scalded in the shower and looking like a red lobster afterwards. Here is how you can enjoy your bath without any fear of the shower surprising you, many thanks to thermostatic shower mixer valves that give you what you want.

The majority of people who opt for thermostatic shower mixers are those who have problems when it comes to keeping a comfortable level of warmness or coolness to their shower’s water temperature. When this happens, you need thermostatic shower mixer valves. You might have actually experienced this yourself, as such is a very common problem that happens on a near-everyday basis that a lot of people just decide to grin and bear it. However, a very simple solution is at hand – and the best part is that it will not have to cost you an arm and a leg to have.

So why does it happen anyway? One example of why you might be itching to reach out for thermostatic shower mixers is when you become blasted with really hot water since someone else in the house had flushed the toilet while you were in the bath. This requires thermostatic shower mixer valves because of the drop in cold water pressure that causes additional hot water to get out of the shower head. You yell out a quick “Yipe!” and wait for things to go back to normal before you timidly step under the water again. Is this not quite an annoying thing?

Thankfully, the problem of scalding is easily solvable with thermostatic shower mixers that have thermostatic shower mixer valves. It works by regulating the amount of cold and hot water thanks to its built in thermostat. When you are taking your shower, thermostatic shower mixers control the water as it comes out of the shower head to exactly the temperature you have initially set it to. The thermostatic shower mixer valves can be adjusted manually if you like, but if you have already decided on a setting throughout your shower duration then that is what you will get.

Even if other people flush the toilet elsewhere in the house, you are not affected. There are even some models that come with an anti-scald feature wherein should the water become too hot the system will shot down your shower automatically. This is particularly useful in households that put a primer on safety especially when children are concerned, or a household that has a handicapped resident that cannot move right away to avoid scalding himself or herself.
Now that you know about this great option, it is time to go to the store and check out  a model to be installed in your home. It is best to have all bathrooms fitted with a thermostatic shower mixer to ensure that everyone has the nice hot shower they look forward to.

Resource Box: Sick of getting scalded? It might be time to get a thermostatic shower mixers. A thermostatic shower mixer valves really helps a lot in regulating shower temperatures so you can actually enjoy your shower all the time.

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