3 Vital Medical Equipment That Plastic Surgeons Use

Posted by Anuj Pandey on October 25th, 2017

If you have ever got an opportunity to walk into a plastic surgeon’s operating room before, you must have seen several large type of medical equipment.

A good surgeon needs to have many devices and tools by their side all the times.

Yes, right from an advanced vitals monitor to proper lighting, a plastic surgeon needs to be sure of having all the tools for a successful medical procedure.

Let’s list three of the most vital medical equipment that you will find in a plastic surgeon’s operating room.

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  1. Anaesthesia Machines – The anaesthesia machines are one of the most important yet most common medical equipment that a plastic surgeon keeps. Doctors use these machines to ‘knock out’ patients so that they don’t feel the pain once a surgery is undergoing. Modern machines have all the monitoring devices to help a doctor observe a patient is stable under the anaesthesia.

  1. Patient Monitors – Along with the Anaesthesia machines, even patient monitors are equally common. Plastic surgeons use multiple types of patient monitors such as vital signs monitor, brain ECG monitor and several more as per the surgery’s requirements. The monitors display pulse, ECG, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration and capnography to help the medical professional to stay alert in case some vitals go above and below the normal levels.

  1. Surgical Tables – Nowadays technologically advanced surgical tables are available and plastic surgeons them. The tables can do everything from tilt 90 degrees to a wireless operation mechanism. They have a weight capacity of 500-750 pounds, 180 degrees rotating top, reliable C-arm access, foot and hand control and custom attachments. The surgical table helps a doctor have full control, enabling them to position the patient the way they want during an operation.   

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