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With people wanting their browsing to be private and corporations wanting security for their data online, the demand for VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) has increased. The emergence of VPN service providers in the recent past can be compared to nothing less than a volcanic eruption. It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine services and fake services. Some VPN providers may tempt you with offers such as discounts on long-term subscriptions…but there is no way of knowing whether these offers are genuine or fish bait.

In such a situation, how can you pinpoint the best VPN providers with the best discounts when in need, especially if you don’t want to get careless and be scammed? Here are a few best names in the industry that have a spotless reputation, and whose services you can bank your business on.

#1: ExpressVPN
If there is a jack of all trades in the VPN market, this is it. ExpressVPN does cost more compared to its counterparts. But it is worth it – with benefits like solid security, GREAT customer service, good performance and consistently high speeds. It works for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many other streaming services. It’s got a 30-day money back guarantee as well. If you visit the website, you can see a bold proclamation smack in your face – “#1 Trusted Leader in VPN” – and it does not lie. You can believe the discounts and offers that this VPN offers. They are genuine.

#2: NordVPN
NordVPN has 1000+ servers and a good user base. It has been hailed by many review websites. If you get good offers to subscribe to this VPN service provider, don’t shy away. NordVPN has made its name in this industry by strategically placing its servers in the best of locations, enabling users all over the world access to great content online. This name can be trusted.

#3: VPN.AC
If security is what you are after, there can be no choice better for you than this. With the highest security standards among all VPN services, this one takes the win. It has dedicated bare-metal servers, with self-hosted encrypted DNS. The customer support is genuinely knowledgeable and helpful. The speeds it provides are good, combined with a good bandwidth.

There are so many VPN service providers out there, which makes it extremely important to look where you tread. Some VPNs may be set up for the sole purpose of spying on your dark side. With trusted services listed above, however, you are completely safe.

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