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Posted by ricky26 on October 25th, 2017

How Crucial Bulletproof Vests are during Combats

Bulletproof armors changed the face of safety as soon as they were invented. Now the army and law enforcements had the option to save their lives from flying bullets in dangerous situations. But still after so many years of the invention of bulletproof vests and armors, the situation hasn’t changed much. Hundreds of law enforcement officials are killed in action every year because of bullet wounds that could have been easily averted by using Bulletproof vests.

Despite the affordability and portable use of bulletproof vests, they aren’t very popular amongst the law enforcement officials. Security personnel and law enforcement officials deal with nerve-racking situations on a daily basis. While responding to the worrisome 911 calls, they have no idea that what situation awaits them; are the concerned persons armed and dangerous or not.

Bulletproof vests are highly beneficial and apart from mandating their use, one needs to remind these brave warriors the benefits of these bulletproof armors:

  • Bulletproof vests are highly accessible-

Be it a covert operation or an overt operation, bulletproof armored vests can be worn in any kind of situations.

  • Bulletproof vests are comfortable to wear-

These vests don’t hinder the movement or comfort of the wearer as they are light and extremely comfortable to wear and can provide them with platinum-grade safety from a variety of ballistic styles.

  • Bulletproof vests do work-

Apart from absorbing or dispel energy boosts from the bullet; the complex textile layering and built of the steel body armor can actually save the wearer from bullets no matter the range. The strength and armor level allows the wearer to save themselves from a variety of firearm projectiles.

  • A bulletproof vests are helpful during close-combat situations as well-

Only during rare cases, bullets actually penetrate the vest or armor; bulletproof vests can actually save people in close-combat situations and getting shot at point-blank range. Some bulletproof vests can handle stabbing or shrapnel.

One can trust the bulletproof armors and vests from Premier Body Armor. The patented Premier Durus 8000 armor is a revolutionary level III multi-curved ultra strong steel plated armor that is extremely thin and the lightest armor on the planet offering protection against multiple hits. They also offer a variety of other steel plated armors systems along with plate carriers for complete protection against bullets and a bunch of accessories that go with it.

About Premier Body Armor:

Premier Body Armor offers affordable, lightweight armor systems along with plate carriers and durable tactical kits like vests, handgun, magazine and universal tourniquet pouches.

For more information, please visit Premierbodyarmor.com.

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