3 Ways to Find Dallas, TX Vacuum Elevator Repair Service

Posted by homeelevator on October 25th, 2017

Vacuum elevators are popping up all over Dallas and the rest of Texas because they are so beneficial, yet so affordable as well. Do you already have a PVE in your home? Congratulations! If you have had one for a number of years, you may realize it is slowing down or even making strange noises. Of course, this is not something you should attempt to fix on your own. You could break it further, or even get very hurt. Instead, bring in a trusted company for Dallas vacuum elevator repair service. So, the question becomes- who can do this for you? Follow these three steps to find a qualified, licensed, and reputable company for your needed repairs.

#1 Ask Those You Already Trust. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are increasing in popularity, so it is quite possible that your friends, neighbors, family members, and others you know have one in their home as well. If so, they may have had their repaired as well. Inquire as to who they brought in for the task and whether they would recommend them to you. Be sure to find out why or why not. Were they professional? Did they finish on time? Was the final bill the same as the estimate? Is the elevator back to running smoothly?


#2 Use the Internet. If you don’t know anyone personally to recommend a repair company, the internet is certainly the next best thing. Go online and post about it on social media and see if anyone has a suggestion. Of course, you can Google search and study the websites that come up. You can also go through review websites, like Angie’s List, and read about real-life experiences others have had with these companies.


#3 Contact the Company You Already Know. You actually already do know a company for this- the company that installed your PVE in the first place! Elevator installation is an extremely specialized field. For this reason, many times the company that installed your vacuum elevator will also be able to repair it.

Don’t go one more day without the mobility your vacuum elevator should be providing you. It is time to bring out a repairman who specializes in Dallas vacuum elevator repair service! Once the repair is complete, you will be back to traveling in between the floors of your home with ease.

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