4 Reasons You Probably Need To Upgrade Your Server

Posted by Aventis Systems, Inc on October 25th, 2017

As a busy IT professional, you have a bunch of things you must get done every day. Convincing the CEO or COO at your company to swap out old, dated, or inefficient servers is probably not high on your list of things you want to do. Still, if your company’s servers aren’t keeping up with growth, you may need to upgrade to an HP G8 server on an HP G9 server. As such, you may have to discuss corporate IT needs sooner rather than later. When you do, here are four ways to make your case for a server upgrade.

1. Relative Performance Declines With Time

For business to run like it should, servers must operate efficiently. With time, however, all servers experience a decline in performance. Most lose almost 15 percent of their performance abilities every year. That productivity loss adds up over time. In fact, after only five years, most servers perform at around 40 percent of their original performance levels. Decreased performance, of course, leads to more downtown and fewer productive hours.

2. New Servers Are More Powerful

Technology improves exponentially each year. For an HP G8 server, a modern upgrade means more power. While new servers offer a company the ability to rely on more virtual machines, they typically use less energy and generate less heat. For the company, that means a decrease in utility and cooling costs.

3. Server Upgrades Come With New Warranties

IT professionals know that servers tend to work perfectly until the week after their warranties expire. If your outdated servers are reaching the end of their service life, you are faced with expiring warranties. Without warranty protection, of course, your company must pay for any repair and replacement costs. Instead of worrying about budgeting for servicing outdated servers, upgrading to new alternatives usually makes sense.

4. New Servers Usually Don’t Break

While there are no guarantees in the IT world, new servers have a better likelihood of functioning optimally than their outdated counterparts. With aging software and hardware, companies experience increased downtime that leads to lost productivity. By opting for a modern upgrade, companies tend to avoid these problems.

Company’s rely on servers to get business done. As an IT professional, you must recommend HP G8 server upgrades when the old ones no longer serve the needs of the company. While discussing the project with your company’s executives is probably not something you look forward to doing, these four factors may help make the case.


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