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Posted by juliamarks82 on July 31st, 2011

A will is basically a legal document that includes a declaration telling how to divide the person’s belongings after his or her death. It states who all should become the new owners of the assets and possessions after the demise of the testator who is the person for whom the will is being drafted. Making use of will writing Scotland is a secure and protected way of making sure your loved ones get stability after your death. The Scottish power of attorney on the other hand is a legal instrument that has to be signed by a person who would like to authorize someone else to behave as his agent where dealing and handling decisions based on investments, finances and other kinds of financial arbitration are involved. This allows the granter to hand over his rights to the person he has authorized for taking decisions in the name of the granter which could be a single individual or a joint authority.

It is also possible to self-draft a will before witnesses who are adults. But then this is not advisable as it might not have any legal value in some cases. Will writing Scotland services are a legal and easy option to choose. If there is no will left behind by the deceased person, then the government will be entitled to make a decision as to the distribution of the deceased’s property. This could even result in the property of the deceased being declared as state property. If you hire the will writing Scotland services they will make sure that your will is not only applicable but legal as well. This will prevent any kind of unpleasant events when resentful relatives might try to contest the will. This is quite common when there is no will at all or if the will is written out at home without legal approval. Will writing Scotland services make sure that the wishes of the person who has passed away are carried out at the same time as making life easy for their heirs.

The Scottish power of attorney is basically of two types. You have the springing power of attorney which is not decided upon by an individual but rather by some legal authority, a licensed, medical practitioner or doctor where if that person is said to be incapable mentally and not able to look after or manage his monetary resources and funds in the correct way, then the Attorney in Fact will execute the actions on his behalf. The disadvantage of this is that some bill payments might get held till such time when the legal documents are prepared, signed and made ready for action. The durable power of attorney Scotland on the other hand, comes into effect the moment it is signed by an individual. The good thing about this Scottish power of attorney is that the Attorney in Fact will immediately get the authority to manage the resources and investments and execute decisions regarding the owner’s finances and there is no waiting for medical reports, judge’s decisions, etc.

The majority of testators opt for the will writing Scotland services if they wish to leave out family members from being their heirs. This normally happens in the case of divorce. The Scottish power of attorney can be made use of if a person is unsound in mind and cannot fend for himself and also if a person is not in the country and needs someone to take care of matters on his behalf besides so many more reasons.

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