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Posted by Alma Miller on October 25th, 2017

 It comes a point when bank customers are getting tired of paying high fees and being treated as mere clients. They want to find a financial institution that will help them save money and treat them with more respect. Such institutions exist and they are known as credit unions Vancouver WA. You can certainly find credit unions in Oregon and see what they require to become a member.

Credit unions Vancouver WA have numerous advantages and they help the community, they care about their members and want to help them increase their savings and get the loans they need. They even have lower fees compared to banks and members have the chance of getting the same financial services. Those who join a credit union are known as members, because this is the position they take. They have rights, not just obligations and they are able to express their opinion by voting when decisions are taken and when meetings are held.

Before joining a credit union, it is important to understand what it is and how it works. In terms of financial products, credit unions in Oregon are just like banks, members have the possibility of opening a savings account, have access to loans, credit cards and more. Not to mention that unions offer access to modern technologies, such as internet and mobile banking and there are ATMs widely spread, so that members can easily check their accounts, make withdrawals and such. However, there are some key differences compared with banks and other financial institutions and they make credit unions special.

For once, unions are non-profit, they do not aim at making a profit and don’t rip off their members. This allows them to provide high interest rates on saving accounts and lower interest rates for those having loans and credit cards. It is good to know that there are financial institutions out there that don’t have the sole purpose of making a profit. Requirements exist and have to be fulfilled in order to become a member of the credit union. Some are stricter than others, while there are many cases when simply living within an area is enough. What you can do is start searching for unions that are established in your location and find out what they request.

Credit unions value customer service more and because there are fewer branches, they know their members very well. There are high chances of discussing directly with a member, one that has been in your situation and knows what advice to give and personalize the service as much as possible. This is one aspect that you will not find anywhere else and which many people value. Comparing services is highly recommended and you will certainly reach a point where credit unions have more positive aspects to offer. You can always discuss your needs with a representative and see exactly if they can offer the services you are aiming for.

If you want to know more about credit unions Vancouver WA, you have come to the right place. Why not see what credit unions in Oregon have to offer and if they fit your requests?

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