Tips on Booking Your Holiday Accommodation

Posted by Pocketinns Inc. on October 25th, 2017

The choices you make when it comes to holiday accommodation can dramatically affect the overall enjoyment of your vacation. Whether you’re planning a short weekend getaway or an extended holiday, you need to assess your options in terms of cost, amenities, location, and the benefits they can provide. Consider the following tips when booking holiday accommodation for your next getaway:

•    Go beyond the usual - Hotels and B&Bs are not always the best choices. Other types of accommodation may be more convenient for your purposes and cost-effective especially for extended stays. Have you looked at holiday rentals? Vacation homes and rental apartments often offer better value for money. Private homes give you the luxury of more privacy and exclusivity that hotels and B&Bs can’t rival. As they are self-catering, you have the option to make your own food—which means saving a lot of money. Vacation rentals are also bigger than typical hotel rooms so you have more space to unwind and go about your business without worrying about sharing with strangers.

•    Book through an established and reputable aggregator website – There are websites specializing in private holiday accommodation. Make sure that the service is reputable. Read reviews from other holidaymakers.

•    Find out what is included in the price – Learn about the property you are booking to make sure that it has all the basic things you will need. Most holiday homes are already provided with kitchen and dining supplies, towels, and conventional toiletries.

•    Take a virtual tour of the home – Some aggregator websites can provide scheduled live walkthroughs that can let you see the property that you want to book. Consider using the live sync up feature that lets you coordinate properly with the host or property owner, too.

•    Try reverse bidding – Reverse bidding lets property owners bid for your business. This gives you the chance to maximize your savings and get the best deal.

•    Look for insurance – There are aggregator websites that offer liability and property insurance for managers, guests, and hosts.

•    Read reviews – Look up the property and find out what other holidaymakers have to say about it. This is a good way to verify the quality of the holiday rental you are thinking of booking.

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