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Chemical solvents and dry cleaning agents which are eco-friendly

Posted by unistarchemical on October 25th, 2017

Producing cleaning agents and solvents is done by various companies. But producing the same ingredients with a sense of responsibility towards the environment is not done by all. The company exactly believed in the theory of protecting the environment and using ingredients which are safe for the planet. The company was founded in the year 1991 to meet the global requirements for solvents for the diverse industries. The solvents are the cleaning agents but the composition of the products is highly safe and soft on the environment. The product line includes solvents, foam blowing agents, surfactants, and special products for the food and pharmaceuticals.

They however, thought that the world should become a better [place for living. The thought of the future generation and wanted to provide them with the products which are sustainable and safer for the environment. The traditional cleaning agents were not used as they are known to be destructive for the environment. With the use of technology and human excellence, they came forth with programs like nPB recycling programs to reduce the greenhouse effects and protect the ozone layer of the planet. They have been successful to innovate products which are low in energy consumption and thus can be used highly for the various processes by the different industries.

The foam blowing agent additive is one of the best agents which is used in electronic cleaning. It is eco-friendly and does not leave any residue after the cleaning is done. The company has been offering noteworthy services to various industries. The medical and dry cleaning industries are highly benefitted with the products offered by the company. The R&D department of the company is consistently producing the products to furnish the requirements of the growing demand in the various industries.

Compared to the traditional chlorinated solvents which were used in the cleaning industry, Dichloroethylene is a much safer product. It is sustainable and beneficial for the planet also. Though the ingredient is a flammable liquid, yet when the product is produced in the company, proper boiling point is maintained and the non-flammable product is achieved which is highly safe for use.

The solvent 1,2-trans-dichloroethylene is a soluble ingredient. The product has been very useful in reducing the emission of the harmful substances in the environment. Thus the company has earned the name of being a very reliable and conscious service provider in the industry. They have been highly appreciated by the clients for their sensitivity.

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