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Posted by Nova Science Publishers on October 25th, 2017

Publishing your work as a scientist, scholar, researcher, or academic should be motivated by something higher than advancing your career or getting your work noticed. The best published works are those that are inspired by adding to the general body of human knowledge, and helping humanity gain a deeper understanding of nature and the universe. Publishing your work is also the best way to encourage other researchers and academics to build upon what you have started.

Getting your work published can be an intimidating prospect, especially when it is your funding, promotion, or career development that is on the line. Good research deserves publication and attention from other scientists and the general public. Fortunately for today’s career researchers, publishing houses like Nova Science Publishers open up numerous doors of opportunity for their work to get published and distributed through the right channels. This said, getting published by prominent houses like Nova Science Publishers requires quality work. If you want your research picked up by the right science publications, here are some useful insights to consider as you turn your research into an informative published paper or article:

  • Different publications like Nova Science Publishers cater to very specific audiences. This is why your choice of journal is critical not only in terms of getting your work published, but more importantly in the way you translate your research into writing. Consider your audience so you will know which voice will best communicate the point of your research or article. The broader the reach of the publication, the more background information you need to add in order to get your message across more effectively.
  • Explore your target publication and see how articles and papers in it are written. While you don’t necessarily have to copy the style of writing these articles are in, they could help you tailor your article to match the taste of the publisher or the editor, thus increasing your chances of getting in their roster.
  • Always take a big picture approach, especially when writing your article outline or introduction, this will help get your message across faster, by showing readers exactly what your work is all about. Getting readers’ attention from the get go is critical if you want to write an effective article.
  • Fill in the details as you go through the body of your article or research paper. Strike a balance between interesting, scientifically correct, and grammatically sound—these are keys to writing articles that will certainly get your worked noticed by publishers like Nova Science Publishers.

About the Authors:

NOVA’s authors and editors come from a variety of academic backgrounds from around the world and from nearly every top University, including:

• Harvard Medical School (Pioneer of the Homocysteine Theory)

• John Hopkins University (Synthetic Biology: Emerging Technologies, Perspectives and Challenges

• University of Oxford (Linoleic Acids: Sources, Biochemical Properties and Effects

• University of Cambridge (Exposure Therapy: New Developments)

• Stanford University: Neuroanatomy, Functions and Clinical Disorders

• Columbia University (Anorexia Nervosa: Symptoms, Treatment and Neurobiology)

• Yale University (Barack Obama: The Fulfillment of an American Dream)

• University of Amsterdam (Ethnicity: Theories, International Perspectives and Challenges)

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