Can Eco Reviver Really Do This?

Posted by Dominic Vacchiano on October 25th, 2017

Eco Reviver Can Remove Rust!

Rust is hard to deal with, and it seems almost inevitable for many metal items that lay dormant for some time.  Moisture in the air or through any contact quickly oxidizes, rendering your tools, pots, or any metal item useless.  But wait, there is a solution.  Eco Reviver can remove rust!  You don’t need to throw away that perfectly good pair of pliers, or buy some specialty rust remover product.  Eco Reviver naturally and effectively removes rust.

Follow these easy steps for removing rust:

  • Coat or soak the rusted area with Eco Reviver
  • Allow it to sit for a few hours or overnight (overnight works best)
  • Scrub off rust using brush or steel wool
  • To avoid damaging the material use a softer brush (may take more elbow grease)
  • Voila! Rust gone

Rust varies in degrees of intensity so soaking overnight helps to make the task more manageable.  Eco Reviver can help deal with small less-stubborn rust stains as well as tougher projects where significant rust has built up.

Some things to remember:

  • Soaking overnight makes the rust much easier to remove.
  • Be sure to wear protective gloves when dealing with rust or sharp metal objects

Eco Reviver not only removes rust, but it removes it in a natural, safe manner.  Unlike rust removal products that use harsh chemicals, Eco Reviver uses natural-based ingredients which is not only good for the item you are cleaning, but also for you and your loved ones safety.

Recommended Products:

Eco Reviver is ideal for cleaning messes both indoor and outdoor as well as tougher projects such as rust.  The versatility of Eco Reviver means it should be a staple in your home.

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