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Posted by Alma Miller on October 25th, 2017

 An Oregon credit union is a non-profit organization that is owned and operated by its members. Such an institution is similar to banks in Portland Oregon, but the profit made does not go to stockholders, but returns to their members. This means that members have the advantage of getting lower fees and better rates on deposit accounts.

To become a member of the Oregon credit union, it is required to live in a certain area, be part of an association, have a certain workplace or have a relative working there and so. Requirements differ from union to union and they tend to be more flexible nowadays, allowing more people to become members and take advantage of their services. What is important to take into account is that unions help members achieve financial stability and succeed. Being a member has other benefits as well, as you have the chance to vote and have something to say within the board of directors.

Some people prefer banks in Portland Oregon because they have more access to latest technology, such as internet or mobile banking and because there are ATMs available in many locations. Back in the days, credit unions were not very up-to-date, but this is not the case anymore and you will find out how evolved they are and how they are able to keep up with banks without any hesitation. Another strength they have is customer service. They are able to offer personalized service and because customers discuss with members directly, they are more comprehensive and willing to help, finding the right solution for everyone.

Each person is looking for specific services from financial institutions, some want to get a loan, while others to open a savings account, have a credit card, make an investment, get insurance and more. Credit unions can offer all these services and more. Getting a loan, for example, is a difficult process for many people and some are even rejected by banks, as they don’t meet the requirements or have a bad credit score. However, credit unions can help those that are in need of a personal or business loan and even those rejected by banks. What is necessary is finding a union that can offer the right guidance and which will not hesitate to explain all requirements and services. 

Credit unions are suitable for young adults, but also business people that want a secure financial institution. It is not difficult to understand why so many people prefer such an organization once you get to know more about it and once you have a chance to discuss directly with a representative. The key is finding one within your location and see what are the requirements and if they have the services you need. Afterwards, you will take advantage of great customer service, low fees and convenient rates. 

Are you looking for an alternative to banks in Portland Oregon? If you want an organization that helps and respects their members, you should not hesitate about this Oregon credit union.

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