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Posted by Case Camp on October 26th, 2017

Work projects require teamwork and proper management for timely completion in an efficient manner. Different people coordinating with each other and bringing with them their own skill sets and qualities to contribute to the project. A good manager knows how to oversee the project and that involves keeping tabs and overseeing accomplishment of goals.

There are many tools in the market such as software and bots that help people in project management. Bigger and established companies have resources that give them access to such tools. And if you are a new company just in its initial phases, there is a viable option. You can search for the Best Free Online Project Management Software to find one that suits you and is cost effective.


What is a Project Management Software?

A project management software is a program designed for companies to track, integrate, oversee and accomplish various ongoing tasks and assignments. The software differs in its user interface and some alternative features but the common goal is to facilitate the supervision of a project. There are basically two different types of Project Management Softwares namely:

  1. PC based: The software is physically installed and hosted on the client’s computers or hardware.
  2. Browser-based: The most advanced version of the program that is hosted on the cloud giving remote access benefits to the client along with a host of new tools.

The browser or cloud-based software is the latest version of this technology and the trend began way back almost nine years ago when SaaS started to catch up. With the advancement in cloud-based technology, the management has been streamlined and the workforce has become more productive than ever.

Basic Tasks

There are several additional features offered by different software firms but there are some basic tasks that every Free Project Management Software or a pro version of it should be able to handle. These tasks include but are not limited to:

ü  Scheduling: It is one of the most essential and crucial parts of a project management strategy. Time-sensitive projects make scheduling all the more important. An efficient schedule saves time and consequentially, money.

ü  Information Logging:For a productive dialogue with the client, the project managers need to know which stages the project is in and have the details of the project ready for them. The software helps in accomplishing that task.

There are some excellent added features that also let you design the workflow, allot resources and see the project in real time all the while communicating with the project team. A smooth flow of information avoids misunderstandings and keeps the project on track.

While choosing the right software for you or your company, keep in mind the needs of the project. Top priority projects usually require a lot of resources and are usually time sensitive. A good project management software helps by systematically consolidating and simplifying the process and giving the project managers tools to oversee the project in a better way.

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