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Posted by juliamarks82 on August 3rd, 2011

For your online business the most important portion is to receive and make payments. If you make your customer wait for eons to get their payment through you can rest assured they will look for some other websites. On the other hand if you take ages to process payments receivable and refunds then you have a bunch of unhappy creditors and customers. What you need as a solution is a payment gateway integration. When you have a robust credit card payment gateway in place you not only benefit your business but have a bunch of happy customers as well.

If you have an ecommerce website then you have payment page for sure. The lesser amount of time you make your customer stay on this page the better it is for you. Many customers reach the payment page in a hurry but many of them turn back when they are given time to think here. Hence, what you need is a fast page that gives payment options to your customers and collects the payment in a hurry. When you have a credit card payment gateway in place through a professional payment gateway integration process then this can be achieved.

What a professional payment gateway integration solution does is collects payment information from your customer. Before the credit card payment gateway collects the payment it also checks for authenticity. Hence, a customer cannot just enter any credit card detail and purchase your product or service. The gateway checks for genuine cards and only when this is established is the payment collected. Once the credit card details are captured they are encrypted and sent to the issuing bank. The bank then decrypts the information and after checking it confirms the debit of the customer’s account. The payment gateway integration process then goes ahead and deposits the payment in your account.

When you pay your creditors and refund money to your customer’s credit card account the same credit card payment gateway can be used for the purpose. A robust payment gateway integration system will ensure that your financial details are also totally secure and out of reach of unauthorized people and software.

Many people think that payment gateway integration is only applicable for web stores. It is not. Even if you sell products and services through a physical store you should have a professional credit card payment gateway in place. You will reap the same benefits here as well. The money will travel the electronic way and get credited to your account in a flash. Your business will have all the liquidity you want.

To set up the payment gateway integration for your business you don’t need to do much. Search your favorite engine and you will find plenty such credit card payment gateway solutions available. Do some research on your part and have a face to face communication with the shortlisted providers. Once you have ascertained that you like a specific provider you just have to call them to sign the contract and go ahead.

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You can process payments really fast when you have established an effective payment gateway integration. Your credit card payment gateway   will both check for authenticity and fast transfer of money.

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